Saturday, March 27, 2010

the time has come!!!

the magic is moving.....

thank you blogger. thank you readers, friends and family...
i will no longer be posting on this blog.
i am working on the re-directing thing...until then please click the link above to see the new site!!
and of course follow, subscribe, click and paste into your blog browser all that cool stuff.
i love you creepy like.

wait!!! before you go- change your RSS feed to the new URL.

Friday, March 26, 2010

weekend table projects and how to be awesome 101

obviously when you are taking a picture to show how the wonderbar has transformed your skin from pretty amazing to really really fucking awesome you don't want to take it in a cave at night. and you certainly don't want to do it right after you smoked a powerbong.
also, i didn't realize my forehead was so high i could have played queen elizabeth instead of cate blanchett. i mean they wouldn't have needed a prosthetic forehead bc i am in possession of an awesome, camera-ready elizabethan fivehead.

this is a cheap ikea table that is real actual wood and i am going to paint it ballet slipper pink this weekend and it's going to be fiona's nightstand. an adorable yellow ginger jar lamp will sit on top.

also this is my new desk. thank you susie. i am going to paint it black. again. from martha's new line called "silhouette" in high gloss. now if i just lived in canada i would buy that gd mirror i spied on craigslist. that way i could stare at my fivehead while i blogged. total inspiration.

sexy legs.

happy weekendfarts.
i love you.

ginger's canadian craig, eh?

hello peeps. i present another craigslist challenge for you. this one was not easy. a) it was in canada and apparently canadians view craigslist as their own antiques shop. and b) they don't use it very much. anyway, here is what canada(dry) ginger(ale)i'm awesome wrote us:


I'm Ginger of and want to take you up on your craigslist challenge. I'm a huge art deco enthusiast and have been hunting for a buffet/hutch to complete my dining room FOREVER. That said, I love anything art deco. It seems like the other thing that ever comes up is bedroom sets, blah. I'm more than willing to drive two hours for the right piece, so I figure that opens up my craigslist options to:

Kingston, ON (Canada, of course!):
Ottawa, ON:
Peterborough, ON:


Montreal, PQ: (one would think that vintage shopping in Montreal would be fantastic but no - seems like garbage picking is the way to get shit done there).

I realize you are probably limiting your scope to the US of A but thought you might find some Canadian flavor interesting ;) I think it's the ultimate challenge - less people means less stuff. You have to do more with less!

so i grabbed a few inspiration pics from the 'netz..
so these were the longest buffet/credenza type pieces in the art deco style i came across. the majority are rather short and stocky with those trademark rounded edges. and craigslist canada came up short across the board...but i thought with some art deco hardware...
a few of these pieces could transform...

ok, so not necessarily this one but it's so beautiful as's also $1,288. which is fucking r'tarded. but i would offer half and tell them that they are eternal fartknockers for using the craig as their own personal antiques shop. no really the best thing to do here is say, is my number, i am offering half so if you change your mind let me know. and then i would strip the shit out of it. show off that gorgeous hardware.

and i about shit my pants when i saw this mirror...$350 i LOVE IT!!!!! not art deco, and not what you asked for but i had to alert canada to its're welcome canada.

vintage credenza- $125 great price. fair. paint this any color and you have success.

1940's hutch- $375 (this price includes a table and chairs- they are willing to sell the pieces sep. i would offer 175 for this piece. but if you click the link you will see another pic of the table and chairs and in that pic in the background is a long deco looking buffet. ask about it) that said, this piece was the deco-y-ist thing i found. i think it's great and would look awesome either stripped to it's original wood or painted a different color. and maybe new hardware. hard to tell what's going on here.

solid oak cabinet- $200. could be good with some paint (black and shiny) and some of those fancy deco pulls. good price (although half first please).

ok, not deco at all but i LOOOVe it. this is a gorgeous piece. you could paint it but i think it's perfect the way it is. $425 but that's negotiable. offer half of course. i would punch babies for this.

danish teak sideboard- $560 ridiculous price again. not on craigslist. i mean what are these people thinking? if they want these prices they need to sell this through a dealer. said you had a mid century piece in the dining room and this is cool. i think a piece like this would look so cool with a bunch of girly granny mix-matched china on it.

so ginger to deco hutches that are long are pretty much non existent, the style was just so stocky. and those that are somewhat long like the insp. pics are like 23589713701839matillion dollars. so if art deco is truly what you want find a dealer in ottowa or montreal and tell them what you are looking for, what you are willing to pay and have them start looking for you.
hopefully i found something you like! nothing would make me happier.
oh..and those pulls and other art deco shit can be found at robinson's antiques.


Thursday, March 25, 2010


i want this room. i want those fabric covered walls, the matching headboard and bedskirt and those porthault linens, those lamps...all of it! it looks like the most perfect bedroom ever for lounging around sunday morning reading magazines, the paper and eating chocolate croissant with delicious coffee. followed by tickles with fiona and then a gigantic poop.
don't you desperately agree with me?
do you think the fabric covered everything is too granny? too much? a dust nightmare? (probably yes to that last one which in reality would be a major issue for my OCD's)

image elle decor

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

2 deals for you

lowe's has a buttload of hanging boston ferns in right now and i got 2 for 10 bucks!! whole food's had the same boston ferns for 15 bucks each. i am going to get 2 more for my porch tomorrow!

also someone on atlanta's craigslist is selling this mitchell gold and bob williams sofa for 300 bucks. it has a little cat claw damage on the arms and a stain on the seat. but other than that it looks to be in great shape. any takers? here.

**UPDATE- the new blog is coming along. my dear darling susie is working her tail off on it trying to move the existing blog over and it really is beyond my realm of comprehension. so i am in awe and forever grateful. soon lovers, soon.

hot, smelly farts,

eddie ross wants a tv show.

i don't blame him, i do too. in any case he is actually working on his tv show. i am just sitting here blogging and listening to you all tell me to pitch a tv show. which i am hookers!! i AM!! but it's still in the early stages(nothing's happend yet). so back to the manmarthas' eddie and jaithan. they are shooting a pilot and are calling on all of us to be on it!!

manmartha number 2 jaithan kochar. i don't know them personally but i get the feeling jaithan keeps ed in line, and perhaps he's the numbers guy. either way he is dreamy in all his ethnic sexiness.

so if you want to know more go to eddie's blog to sign your asses up! i am!!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

happy 101 award. for me. and you too bc i share my greatness with you. without you i am not awesome.

therese over at la dolfina gave me an award. cool. i think really the award is for you though bc you get to know me better and that is awesome for you. i am supposed to tell you 10 things that make me happy. so.....

10 things that me happy.

pooping.there is no greater sense of accomplishment.

my daughter.she is the reason for everything.

mike.he is my better half. usually. plus he folds heaps of laundry.

nicolas.there is no greater comfort to me when i am feeling down than my nose in him's soft, warm tuft.

blogging and my blog readers.many of you have become very dear to me. and blogging with you and for you is like riding a magic narwal through frosted cupcake crumbs with my mouth open.

alcohol.i don't drink much at any given time, but i do drink almost every day. i look forward to wine while i get dinner started. and a good cocktail made with the finest ingredients is very refined and makes me feel very glamorous.

cooking.i can cook anything and i can prove it. in fact if MFAMB didn't take up most of my time i would have a food blog too. maybe one day. when fiona is older.

my dearest west coast anna.we have been friends forevah and the sound of her voice on the other end of the phone could make the worst headache disappear. (she makes me forget my troubles dummies!)

the previews before the movie.they are so often better than the actual movie you are about to see. and if you are coming to the movies with me you better fucking be on time!! and that means on time for the previews.
and if you talk through the previews i will throw eye daggers at you and they hurt. bc my eyes are magic and the daggers are real, tiny (bc they come out of my eyes) and sharp like the ones this guy carries.

tiny cute animals.doesn't matter what kind. but i can't be around them bc i would turn into lenny from of mice and men and squeeze them so hard i would kill them. sads.

heather's central michagan craig (no one uses craigslist there aka my job was hard)

its another craig day for us all. "gird your loins". that's what heather said to me and she was right. central, northern, and grand rapids michigan's craiglist suck lemur balls.
it's not that there is a ton of crap to sift through, there just isn't a whole lot of anything. like 5 additions to the furniture category in 4 days. i managed to find a few things in her areas but i did venture to detroit just in case...detroit is no picnic either.
here's heather's letter to me:

"Dear MFAMB,
I have been diligently combing the list for a curvy french
chair and/or sofa. My craiglist is northwest Michigan region,
gird your loins.
Much love,

let's begin...
(*michigan people like to jack the prices of their shit warned. my advice is to always offer half. if they are stubborn and say- no way assfarter! just say ok thank you and bye. watch the a week if it's still back and ask again.)

love seat and chair- $220 this is a great shape and reasonable for both pieces.

beautifully carved french sofa- $585 it is quite unique and you could make it waaay cooler by covering it in a gorgeous nubby black linen and maybe gold leaf the wood. drool. sexballs.

french provincial sofa
- $300 same advice as above. or go opposite with some white linen and silver leaf. but the possibilities are endless.

3 piece antique settee- $400 gorgeous.

french settee- $300 probs too small for your sofa purposes but happy in a bedroom or next to your dining room table. cover it in something durable and washable. oh and forgo the tufting. i love tufting but not on this piece. it's like a fat chick in thigh highs to me for some reason.

couch-vintage settee- $300 way cool in an entry.

antique couch and chair- $300

antique sofa- $725 you can find these a dime a dozen in atlanta for 1/4 of that price.

victorian antique white sofa- $280 skirt off please.

queen anne sofa- $450 yummy. my favorite. offer half.

your welcome michigan heather.

Monday, March 22, 2010

i aught to beat the shit out of this person..

seriously. there is no defending this. these "shorts" are $48. don't you dare tell me you think these are "kinda cute" or "maybe if i was 16" or "they're just so sweet". this is bullshit is what it is.

48 dollars. for a gigantic camel toe. and diaper ass. this is what chicks wore under their sack dresses on the fucking prairie. we are not paying to look like this. no. we are not.

sigh. from this etsy shop.