Tuesday, June 30, 2009

B & A- the ultimate decor boner

a before and after photo will never cease to excite me. although i tend to be less excited by one of those mega millions makeovers. primarily b/c the budgets on those are so far out of my reach that i can't even wrap my head around it. nope, i like the small makeovers. the ones where you salvage what you have with a little sanding and paint only replacing what is terribly ugly and non working. saving the bulk of your makeover budget for the appliances. well, for me anyway, b/c i love to cook. so i would much rather have a viking, dacor, wolf or aga range and cheaper counter tops. or sanding and painting a wood floor instead of refinishing so that i can have a pretty colored smeg fridge. now don't get me wrong i love ANY makeover- even the ones i can't afford. but i am less inspired by them. my husband and are are finally buying our first home. so all of this is on my mind. i am going to need to be VERY inventive in the renovation department here soon. and unfortunately i am going to have to live with a lot of ugly in the beginning. but with the help of all my awesome blogger friends i am sure to be inspired daily. which is pretty cool and exciting. so, keep the renovation/makeover posts coming all you bloggers. i need 'em.
here are a few to grease your pole...







Monday, June 29, 2009

monday color combo

good monday to you my loyal MFaMB readers! glad to see you! i hope you had an enjoyable weekend. it was too hot (once again) here in atlanta to do anything outside other than swim. despite that i had a lovely weekend. saw 3 movies!! what??? yep! sure did. 2 of them were from the comfort of my own living room but that still counts. what were they? well friday i watched inkheart...i know! it's a kids movie but i am a sucker for kids adventure movies with larger than life characters. this one was not so great but if you have kids between the ages of 6 and 12 i am sure they would love it. paul bettany is wonderful. yesterday the husband and i saw the hangover. i laughed my ass off. and i THINK that was the point- so...SUCCESS! and last night we watched quarantine. holy mother of ass!! one of the most stressfully frightening movies i've ever seen. what does this have to do with monday's color combo? nothing.
so without further adieu...i give you bl'urple. blue and purple are almost too close to be considered a combo. but in reality they contrast just enough to be enjoyable. so enjoy!

images via elle decor, lavender fields, southern living, apartment therapy, boligmagasine, englishmuse, house and home, house beautiful, country living, porterhouse designs, flickr.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

'it's only a chicken danner'....

THAT my friends is a roast chicken! look at those drippins'! mr. mashed potato is going to enjoy those. carved. juicy and tender. soaking up it's own delicious love sauce.

oh! hello there. you must be butter, cream, salt and pepper waiting patiently for the red potato party steaming away on the stove.

miss ricer...meet mr. mashed potato. you guys know what to do.

my most favorite meal of all time. even when it's 4 million degrees outside i still crave it at least once every week or so.

random thoughts going into the hottest weekend in for like ever

ok, first of all why in the name of all that is holy did this hairstyle ever happen? i mean seriously...who? what? where? when? and for fucksake WHY?!?! there is a crimped veil cascading around her fiznace from a ufo? a donut? secondly, why is it that i have vivid dreams when i am pre-menstral? i dreamt last night that i took the 2 inspiration pics for my pending haircut to the stylist and she just started cutting away...mainly focusing on the shorter style and when she was done it was shorter than the short style i had picked and i started freaking out! my hair...what did you do?!?! all that...of course it looked terrible. so i woke up second guessing this hair cut thing, which makes me mad b/c before i went to bed last night i was really looking forward to it. damn you hormones!!!

ok, the third thing on my mind is this stuff....
it ROCKS!!!!!!!! go get it. it's like the beach on your face (or body). in a good way. go get it. really. it's awesome.
and lastly...this is the four seasons in bali.. and that's "me" frolicking in the pool up there. look at that place. holy crap. i need this pool today. i need it. it's 387482984hundred degrees here in atlanta.