Wednesday, September 30, 2009

throw it in your mouth

got this at whole foods too. it's mint and it's delicious. again, no dairy (beware the anon dairy nazi who likes to stop by here and anonymously spew) and no sugar. go here for more info.

just some pretty

whilst perusing houzz today i found some new (to me) images for the ol inspiration files...although i would like to point out some bullshit first...i am a little annoyed at how small these images appear on my blog. sometimes in the saving the images remain large and other times they get all small and almost pointless to look at. does anyone know how to fix this? is it fixable? for example how does desire to inspire get their images so goddamn huge? so anyway here are some of the images i saved to the mfamb vaults..sorry about the bullshit size.
i love the above images use of a dead space like that.

those floors.

those floors too..shiny and white.

**ok for some reason now that the post is up the pics don't look so small..

yes please

i can't decide which ones i like better. the clunky biker ones or the clunky biker granny ones? either way the yellow insides are K I L L I N G me. from madewell.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

ebizzle finds

i kinda want all of them but i think i am going to bid on these chairs. which one(s) are you going to bid on? these modern leather lounge chairs: 0 bids, starting at 150 dollars.

these lamps: current bid at 35 dollars

these mid century nightstands: 0 bids, starting at 60 dollars

this mid century cabinet by lane: 0 bids, starting at 180 dollars.

this hollywood regency bench: 0 bids, starting at 40 dollars

these hollywood regency nightstands: 0 bids, starting at 70 dollars

this italian glass end table: 0 bids, starting at 120 dollars

this hollywood regency cane sofa: 10 bids currently the highest bid at 162 dollars.

Monday, September 28, 2009

sharing is caring

these are delicious. really delicious. they are made with coconut milk instead of the evil dairy and agave nectar instead of the REALLY evil sugar. and they are small, precious even. 15 grams of carbs too. got mine at whole foods.

also, today while fiona was at school and then later at ballet i watched this movie. it was good. sad but good. alan arkin should be in every movie.

mfamb vaults

below are some images i have knicked off of your blogs..that i love, and stored into the mfamb vaults. some of them are older and i cannot remember from whence they came like this one... i just love the styling..and the floors. and who doesn't love an orange chair? or a cozy office under the stairs?

this one, i believe, comes from made by girl:
it's like a party can get busy in the bed, on the floor or on the couch. or have your friends over and occupy all 3 spots at once. but on the flip side it does look like a perfect place to sleep too. the bentwood rocker is a nice touch in this lofty modern space.
i forget where i stole this one..but i love it:
that little lamp on that oh so awesome bar seals the deal for me.

and this kitchen from desire to inspire:
the blue aga and the orange cookware are fun. plus it's the quintessential european country kitchen. loves it.

and lastly this one from design sponge:
i just love the shelf styling. and the giant beast. hug him.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Saturday, September 26, 2009

fuck you 'anonymous'

yes, i am talking to YOU! you anonymous posting fuckbags. i think it's real fucking lame when someone has a snarky comment to add to a blogger's post and won't tell us who they really are. i think you are a giant pussy. that's what i think. never EVER would i not have the balls to post my real name when i had something to say no matter how snarky it was. what do i care? but the bottom line here is i don't post snarky comments on other people's blogs. if i am going to be an asshole i am going to do it on MY blog where i feel it is my right to say whatever the fuck i want and if you don't like it...jog on! i may have a trucker's mouth but at least i am not some two faced douchenozzle who blogs all sweet and cute during the day and by night trolls the competition blogs to leave bullshit remarks. i mean, come on...if you've got something to say then say it..but at least have the rocks to tell me who in the fuck you are and open yourself up to some healthy debate. i mean, chances are i will shut you down, but at least it will be fair.

*nice comments from anon's are not included in my hate rant.

Friday, September 25, 2009


what's not to love?

well hello!

retro hollywood glam goodness! from the website of redmond aldridge. (robot voice) lady boner actualized.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

the fangtonio project

so, i broke down and watched the antonio project, much in the same way one watches an episode of the biggest loser. you know, sort of with pity and glee? anyway, hgtv gave fang one final makeover to complete...his own house...
it might come as a surprise to you that in his early years fang was in a thrash metal band called, deranged. although i suspect it doesn't. so then it should not surprise any of us that his "design aesthetic" is also thrash metal. literally...the use of metal flake paint in this house was profuse. as were the words "custom" and "re-con". i'm not sure what re-con means, but he said it at least 12 times during the episode. as in, " we did a little re-con and then it was time to start putting it all together". ok fang, whatever the fuck that means.
now before i go any further i should note that while watching this show i found myself kind of enjoying what he was doing, but then i realized it wasn't what he was doing it was him..he's kinda cute..fangs and all (edward cullen's hairier half wolf brother? no?). but the bottom line is despite the fact that his style is certainly not my cup 'o tea, he is NO design star. the rooms were weird at best and not at all finished. everything looked dated already and i'm sorry...goth meets west coast chopper is not cute in a house.
yeah, that's his bedroom. that "thing" on the wall is something someone made for of the "custom" jobs he requested. it's based on a tattoo he wanted but instead made it into a headboard (?) why all the black fang? it's not "tough" as you's heavy and paired with that red is just too 80's and cold looking. the throw on the end of the bed is quite nice though and helps this room tremendously. a rug would have helped too. another "custom" piece were those nightstands. where you took a perfectly nice white piece of furniture and "metal flaked", "shadowed" and "airbrushed" the shit out of it making it look like something you'd see driving down the road in the barrio.
you did it to this too:

and there was no living room to speak of..just this huge table, 2 "thrones" and a lot of erroneous candles.

the kitchen:

again with the black just looks so dated. and you can't really see it but there is a rippled stainless steel back splash further adding to the cheese factor.

the bathroom looks like a spec bathroom. not like something a so called design star would do. plus it's not finished. i mean at least dan would have gayed it up a little with a window treatment and a plant...SOMETHING!!!

not impressed.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

allow me to overwhelm you..

i know it looks baby blue, but it's really bluish gray. promise. i like it. but your opinions are cherished so let them flow.

behold the best kitchen in the entire world:
let's really consider those windows for a moment. look at them. imagine a summer storm or a winter one for that matter...heaven. plus it looks as though there is a door leading onto a kitchen garden or something awesome with 2 chimneys.
and last but not overwhelmingly least is the penis chandy. no words, really.