Monday, November 30, 2009

birthday slash christmas needs

i know...needs is a strong word. how about wishes? although as my husband is wont to say.."you can wish in one hand and shit in the other and see which comes out fulfilled first..." charming AND smart!!! but i am turning 40 this saturday and feel this week of blog posts needs to honor the passing into crone. and this crone needs some things...
for starters i will take 7 yards of this lee jofa fabric for my new 85 dollars craigslist chair...

i would also like to wake up every morning to this:

this cookbook of healthier baked options:

as well as this one, cuz momma needs to lay off the meat for a while:

this book of walton ford paintings so that i can frame some around the hizzy:

this globe for fiona's room (i'm not totally selfish):

lookie it lights up!!!

and these...also for fiona...her birthday is also this month and i want to give a few of these as party favors and then keep the rest for decorations for the party.

how amazing are these colors together...lime, lavender, ochre, cream and faded ruby...

and i am really not opposed to this:

so if anyone out there wants to buy me this stuff that would be awesome.

Sunday, November 29, 2009

dark and sexy

kishani perera is all over blog world today. in fact i saw these rooms on coco and kelley the other day and had to change my unders:

those 2 top images are kishani's own. these next few are done by her pro photog, jean randazzo:

firstly the green walls with the black fittings and accessories and all that is almost too much for me to take without risk of my head exploding. i wonder...could i take a regular black shade and spray paint the inside of it gold? food for thought. and the bathroom is perfection.

also i know a few of you (lilah) are in love with kishani's work on molly simms place...well get a load of molly's new office....

that wallpaper is so good it makes me want to punch someone. no, you know what? the whole room is so good it makes me want to punch someone. girly, pretty, cluttered bliss..

Saturday, November 28, 2009

rita rocks

as some of you may or may not know, i love rita konig. this is an apartment in NY she did for someone and i think it is exceptionally nice. don't you? points of interest: turquoise leather chairs, pink velvet pillows, shaggy rug, ebonized floors, shiny gold lamp in far right corner, and earthy potted plants..
you can read about the makeover here

Friday, November 27, 2009

oh my yes..

shiny ceiling, mixed styles, ill defined

image via colourmehappyblog

Thursday, November 26, 2009

thank you thanksgiving

this book has been read in this house every thanksgiving (and plenty of days in between) for the past 4 years, or since my daughter was 1 1/2 years old. it's about a little girl who goes to the local market to pick up some eggs, cream and a few other things for her family's thanksgiving meal. on the way she gives thanks to just about everything she sees; the trees, the clouds, the snow etc..and along the way she is followed by a duck and some rabbits. she buys carrots for the rabbits and a baguette for the duck with the extra money. she gets home to a round of applause and proceeds to make whip cream for the pies. it's a simple story of thanks told in a way that is sans pilgrims and indians. it's a family favorite. i am very thankful this year. here are just a few things i am thankful for:

these bitches:
these snatches:

and these hookers:

this gorgeous beast of a teddy bear:

these babies:
especially this one; i am no one without her:
my nephew..a sweet little boy with the weight of the world on his shoulders:

and these knuckleheads:

all of you. i am thankful.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009've outdone yourself

i know i posted this image the other day...but i noticed something i hadn't before when i looked at this image today when it was posted by sketch 42...and that would be that rams head coffee table...
found on craigslist for 200 bucks...going to try to talk him down to 100 but will pay 150.

craigslist score needs some fabric love

in case no one believed me yesterday or in earlier posts when i said my house was as dark as the underbelly of a nutsack, specifically this is proof. this is middle of the day and it doesn't change as the sun moves it's way around the earth. this is largely due to the huge covered porch we have. anyway...this is about my 85 dollar mid century-ish craigslist score. i actually bought it from a very cool mid century dealer here in atlanta. i walked into his immaculate time capsule of a house and was very excited when he left to go to the basement to bring up my chair so i could walk around and look at all of his beautiful furnishings without looking like a furniture stalker. kinda stupid when he actually could have been going in the basement to put on his skin suit a la this guy. anyway..he brought it up and it was really in very good shape and super comfy. i call that a score. i intend to paint the wood frame something glossy, probably black. but i have no idea where to find affordable, sexy fabric. i want something graphic, not thinking floral and no imperial trellis please (beautiful though it is)...maybe black and white? not too traditional and not too modern. somewhere in the middle. any ideas?

any ideas? lovely readers???

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

lykke li

start to finish please.


we are all hearing the talk about gray being the new brown. and i do love gray. i have a gray entry/keeping room and it's yummy, sort of. i think you need a lot of natural light to pull gray off or you have the wrong gray for the room. my room suffers this way.
but now gray is all up in my face!! it's everywhere. in addition to the pictures in the magazines and on the blogs parading their gray rooms before my eyes...i am now HEARING it. this makes me want to run away. to brown-town. but not yesterday's brown. it would be if gray and brown made sweet love and had a gray and brown baby and named it b'ray. i know what you're saying...ummm...hey dumbass...that's called taupe. but noooo...MY b'ray is not taupe. she is richer and earthier. today's browns are just better. chocolate...mixed with plum and fig. or tea leaves and moss..
here are some yummy browns for you to consider:
1. benjamin moore nite horizon
2. farrow and ball etruscan red
3. benjamin moore appalachian brown
4. pratt and lambert autumn dusk
5. farrow and ball london stone
6. benjamin moore middlebury brown
7. benjamin moore tudor brown
8. farrow and ball buff
9. benjamin moore chocolate truffle
10. martha stewart for valspar fig
11. benjamin moore brown horse
12. benjamin moore mink
i love the b. moore brown horse.
here are some brown rooms for you to enjoy:

where do you stand with the new browns? once a turd always a turd? or likes it?