Friday, July 31, 2009

sky rockets in flight..

afternoon delights made by me. perfect for a rainy day. not perfect for my muffin top.

alice in wonderland

Thursday, July 30, 2009

fall dress

love these dresses from boden. pretty vintage fabric. i would wear that gray floral one with some bright raspberry tights.

this green floral with soft, sweater-y, charcoal gray tights.

this jersey wrap dress is about 395098534hundred dollars LESS that DVF. a great cut for a girl with juggs like mine.

this one comes in a slew of patterns and solids. 118 dollars.

HEEEY!!!! where did YOU come from? do you need to be spanked little fox? because i WILL spank the hell out of you.
all available at boden.

senseless acts of blogging and house buying woes

in case any of you are wondering about el rancho and where we are at in the buying process well, we are nowhere kinda sorta. meaning, we have put in an offer(s), the mortgage broker is helping us move and crunch numbers but the bottom line is our finances aren't in place. if we had about 10 grand+ we could move right in. why in christ's name did i not learn the importance of making and saving money? where was i for that class? i don't think i was ever offered that class, actually. well, i guess the only thing to do now is to start saving.

ok, on to the senseless blogging...
what the???

that's sean connery. but from what movie? anyone? i love the photo. would love it more if it was blown up the size of texas and hanging in my new hous...oh...wait...DAMNIT!!!!
and can anyone tell me why every time my AC comes on it smells like wild onions?

thanks MFAMB lovers.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

i'd be stupid not to, right?

i mean this COULD look good right? i would be buying for 40 bucks. covering it in glossy white paint. and the hardware. ahhhh the hardware. i am seeing in my head some gold-y shiny belt buckle-y looking thing. i have no idea where to find such hardware. do any of you know where i might acquire such hardware?

what the what?

Monday, July 27, 2009

pretty pretty

if i were gonna have a wedding and i needed some invites done up real good this would be it. how super duper is that white calligraphy on those black envelopes??

monday color combo

i still love it. gray and yellow is one of my favorites. please don't go away gray and yellow. you are the happy and the dismal. the wow and the drab. the drunk and the sober. the fall leaves in the pavement......

images via flickr-thesugarmonster, simplygroveblog,mynottinghillblog, house and home, house beautiful, domino archives, dwell shop, etsy-cookoorokoo, living etc, jonathan adler