Sunday, February 28, 2010

stop motion sunday

i got an email this morning from someone named ithyle, asking me to watch a short, stop motion animated movie. i gladly did b.c stop motion animation is usually amazeballsofamazement. it's beautiful. especially for blog readers who like pretty pictures...oh is that you? fuck yeah it is...only this is like a thousand beautiful pictures rolled into one awesome little video.

the girl in the video is alison from a fine frenzy.

and ithyle is a pretty great photographer to boot...

Saturday, February 27, 2010

fun with styling

some of you said add a small lamp...

so i did..

some of you said put the booze on top....

so i did...


***please note that i live in the hood and mr. bar and his children baileys and bombay are in full view from the porch. just sayin'.

we all agree the lamp is too small. no need to tell me....again.

Friday, February 26, 2010

here it is (be nice or i will cut you)..

bar cart project 2010:

breathe it in MFAMB'ers....

it's dark under there, i know...what can i do?

are you crying tears of joy or tears of sadness?

this was quickie styled in about 5 minutes. don't hate.

also had to take a pic of the morning light in this room, it was so pretty.

you're next mr. secretary!!!

rug heaven

how can you not love a place with 6.6780980.10vabillion dollars worth of rug company rugs all over every floor surface therein? you can't. that's how. christopher and suzanne sharp's (aka mr. and mrs. rug company) london home is featured in the march issue of vogue (U.S.) and when i saw it i nearly fell out. i also exploded with rage and bitter jealousy. i love the simple, shabby english country style mixed with modern elements like rugs, and lucite and art and funky chairs. it's my fave look (lately).. anyway...the photos are terribly small and that makes me want to punch hamish bowles in the face. so go here to see them big or go buy the vogue with tina fey on the cover.

bar cart photos coming later. promise. remember when in posts past i told you my house was darker than the underside of grandpa's saggy balls? well...the room the bar cart sits in is the darkest so i have to wait til around noon ish to get the pics.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

sorry to keep you wating..

the bar cart is done. i need to fix a couple of painting "boo-boo's", and then style it up a little. all for you. i do everything for you. this should take place tomorrow.

in the mean time please enjoy my friend rob poynter, the walmart clown. no really, he is my friend. we did improv together for 5 or so years. and the really cool thing is that ellen said it was her favorite commercial today and played it on her show. yay rob.

delightful and small

when i was first out of college i was back at my moms house skinny from lack of nutrition and probably still high from too much weed. not so for entry level fashion writer lauren mcgrath. she and her designer mom set to work on her first apartment, decorating it together. mom is a designer (duh), so this is why her place looks better than mine does. also, raise your hand if your first apartment "fresh out of college" looked anything like hands. mine had a futon bed and a whole lot of walmart bed in a bag. but i did manage to paint every single wall in it bright fucking red. blood red. and i wasn't out of college. i was 24.
love the 2 small tables. so good for small spaces.

i am not sure about the curtains not going all the way to the floor. can any of you designers tell me why they did this? i don't hate it, i just thought this was some kind of golden designer-y rule...curtains always to the floor.

pretty cute isn't it?

via traditional home

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

lady juice alert

eddie ross had access to a box of 2 buck china. where can i get access to a box of 2 buck china?

*anyone who sees this box and thinks future mosaic table needs to be on decorestriction.'re grounded.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

painting is done but blue tape is having the last laugh

it's good, no? not shiny yet but it will be thanks to an oil free poly. apparently oil based poly's cause your white painted furniture to yellow. says her. tomorrow we are supposed to have more snow (and by snow they mean rain) so i will have to hold off on the poly until maybe thursday? which means a day of drying which means hardware goes on on friday if supermike can get to it. otherwise saturday bitches.

and can someone please tell me why gentle, wise blue painter's tape decided to get all stuck?
what the shit is that all about?

there's not much better than...

the feminine simplicity of this console table used as a bar cart...

a grown up version of pink and purple..

a big fucking bucket of peonies in front of a window in paris...

via this is glamorous.

Monday, February 22, 2010

hurts so good...

the bar cart tapped me on the shoulder and whispered..."thank you".

stealing ideas for you and me..

as you all know susie at eye spy does her craigslist thing for all of us in atlanta and she is amazing at it. how else would i have found my awesome bar cart (which is coming along nicely i might add..just needs some finishing touches, a shiny coat of love and the hardware should be here today!! so a few more days for the reveal please and thank you) where in the fuck was i?? oh yes...craigslist finds..susie has inspired me to find some workable pieces for those of you in the atlanta area..

marble and wood table- 100 bucks!!
someones entry needs this! get it and then email me so that i can help you style it up!!

bamboo occasional chair- 75 bucks!!!
this chair is perfect for that one spot in your house that needs something not too big, not too small and everyone needs an extra chair. BUY it and then email me so we can discuss finish and fabric options!

mid century eye back chairs-100 bucks for both!!! (whaaaa???)
painted glossy white with pink velvet seat cushions, yes and done.

and also have you all seen this???
yes, that's a homemade imperial trellis stencil...

yes that's a bedroom wall being stenciled with said homemade imperial trellis stencil..

for realz...go here for the diy of all diy's..

Friday, February 19, 2010

march 14th LOVLIES!!!!!!!!!!

bar inspiration

extremely pumped about my bar. here are some things that told me they want to live on it..

every bar needs a cool tray. this vintage orangey red lacquer serving tray from pip and estella decided right away that she would look awesome on the black and white bar with shiny brass rings..and she is cheap...26 bucks. done.

not sure if this ice bucket will work with the orange tray but i really really love it and he said that he would sit happily underneath until he is needed, quietly. he is only 28 dollars. hmmm...
from katie armour's etsy shop...

every bar needs monogrammed cocktail napkins. the black is chic. from here.

and while i know these aren't technically cocktail glasses, they would be super appropriate for my gin gin mule's come spring. also from katie armour!!

these teak tumblers said they needed to be on the bar to introduce a natural element to the shiny lacquery watery icy golden sparkly mix. they're right..

good for olive pits or lemons and're coming too black bowldish!

and you look like a healthy're DEFINITELY invited. i shall put toothpicks in you.

pitchers for when i make a batch of goodness.. eddie ross is selling this one for 60 bucks. too rich for me but it is lovely.

this one is very charming too and much more affordable for me at 26 dollars. can't you see bright red sangria in it??

and of course a bar isn't really a bar without the pretty booze bottles like st. germain.

grey goose...(for you raina!)

and a nice leaded crystal decanter for wine..

going to get the last bit of priming and sanding done today so tomorrow i can start the painting process!! can't wait to show you..

cocktail and vagina cheers,