Monday, August 31, 2009

monday color combo

i know many out there either love blue or hate blue. i am a lover. lately i am head over heels for dark blue, midnight, navy, blue it almost looks black. delicious. blue works a right treat with brown. and sure, many of you also say..."oh that combo was sooo 2 years ago". and you would be right. but i think b/c there are so many shades of blue and brown it can stay fresh and relevant. like turquoise and milk chocolate, sable and slate blue, midnight and camel. throw in some kelly or lime green and you have fresh and current. you feel me.

images via xjavierx, housebeautiful, patriciagray, decor8, gvdesigns

Sunday, August 30, 2009

hot mess

note to homeowners everywhere: there's collecting....and then there's hoarding-

i'm just sayin' perhaps a little editing wouldn't hurt. you know, a rotation of things might be nice.

from here.

Saturday, August 29, 2009

really, maine cottage?

where do you get off charging these prices for wood and paint and basic design?

2,690 dollars for this??
my dad, who is a self taught carpenter (much like his hero J.C.) could make this in a weekend for half that price. couldn't you dad? and if you aren't as lucky as me to have a dad who builds shit i am sure you could find something in a junk shop very similar.

1,990 dollars...what the?!?!?! really!?!?

are you kidding me blue desk? you cost nearly 3,000 dollars???

check this out maine cottage...
my buffet:

farrow and ball's hague blue paint:
yeah, that's right! that buffet up there is going to get a coat of farrow and ball's hague blue and it will cost a whole lot less than 3,000 dollars.

what's that seafoam green country charmer??? cost OVER three thousand dollars? well that is fucking ridiculous.

blue wicker writing desk YOU are over three thousand dollars too????! does maine cottage know that you can find a lot of these pieces on craigslist for about 20 bucks in some cases and all they need is some minor repair and paint?

little orange-y red wicker table you ARE cute but at 1,300 dollars you can suck it!

now we're talkin..this is an ADORABLE much?? wait let me guess...ummm....250? no? (table shakes head) hmmm...ok ok....whew...350?? (table smiles uncomfortably) NO?!?! MORE?!??! five hundred??? (silence) OVER FIVEHUNDRED?!?!? (table whispers in embarrassment) 890 dollars. (MFaMB faints)

490 dollars (no words)

590 dollars (just threw up in my mouth)

690 dollars (no pulse)

Friday, August 28, 2009

everyone's talkin about it

jocelyn warner's wallpaper that is. so i went to her website and checked it out and yes, it is good.
here are the few that stood out as winners..

this black and gold leafy number is dining room material:
it comes in turquoise too. macy, are those your jello shots???!?!?!?!
the silver is good looking too.

for some reason i see all of these in a dining room. but i suppose they are all bedroom worthy too.
this one is luscious.
look at it up's like your looking at the flower thru an xray machine. like you can see it's privates.
love this one too. a spa like bathroom perhaps???

check out the rest, if'in you please.

bonafide decorator weighs in on the designtards

wherein she designs a princess room for us for under 5,000 dollars.

pillow pillow pillow

this company makes these based on a picture of your pet, such as...

real beeru:

pillow beeru:

real che:

pillow che:

real opie:

pillow opie:

babies love them:

real titi:

pillow titi:

real nicolas:
pillow nicolas???
pillow pillow pillow.
and a HUGE thanks to my main girl anna for the heads up..not only is she a fabulous and accomplished actress she also has a blog dedicated to all things gluten free.