Thursday, February 19, 2009

hubba hubba

can somebody please tell me when kate winslet became so frigging gorgeous? i mean she has always been pretty and i am sure in person she has always been a knockout. but by hollywood standards hasn't she been...well...a little average looking? just like the rest of us?

well not so anymore...holy shitstain!!!
(this one's for my husband who is probably stroking his phase shifter as we speak)

not so average anymore.


mike said...

phase shifter stroked!

mike said...

who is 'the rest of us'? I don't think you are 'average looking' by any stretch of the imagination and I'm sure My Favorite and My Best has a few gorgeous readers as well.

my favorite and my best said...

well, mike, i appreciate the complement but that really was the point. notice the 1st picture of kate and how pretty and normal she looks and then the rest of the photos she looks...well...hollywood-ized. before she was quite beautiful and normal. the after photos are what i think are "bought beauty". new nose, hair, fake tan, nutritionist, personal trainer, make-up artist, designer clothes etc...its unobtainable unless you are a superstar. so therefore the rest of us are just average. no matter how pretty we are.

Anonymous said...

Well, Kate lost a ton of weight (boo); got - at very least - her nose "surgeried" (boo) and came out looking fab (huzzah).