Wednesday, March 18, 2009

etsy finds!

as you may know i am trying to get fiona's (my little girl) room sorted out. i painted her bed white (will have pics soon) and am about ready to get started on her chair. but i want a new poster to replace the butterflies she already has. this love poster below is a sweet choice.

this next one is a print of an original oil painting on glossy paper. i love the colors.

and this one is too funny. maybe in the bathroom? too cheeky? ha! no pun intended. my husband will find it extremely amusing.


wyatts&fionasnana said...

Love the Peed a Little one!

mike said...

Kind of like a good culinary creation. Something about the statement combined with image of Bob Gouletesque 70's Old Spice Shoreman - in mustard, none the less - is unexpectedly awesome!

A "cheery" disposition said...

haha i love the one that said i just peed a little. It made me laugh out loud. The painting with the fish is cute too.

melange muse said...

nice blog ; )