Saturday, March 7, 2009

weekend project

nope, not my weekend project..YOUR weekend project. i am calling on all you design savvy bloggers and readers of blogs to help me decide what in tarnation to do with my antique sideboard/buffet. i had posted about it last month. specifically to summerize it or just maybe b/c i feel its too dark and want something a little lighter? the dining room its in is painted benjamin moore's silver satin which is exactly as it sounds. in certain light it looks pale gray and other times it looks white. in the post i showed some of the things i would like to see on it...of course they are not set in stone and am open to any and all ideas. please send pictures too!!

here is something that caught my eye on the lavender fields website

while i don't think the color would work with the walls in my dining room it is the lightness i want i think. it doesn't blow me away either...its pretty.

here is a picture of the sideboard now

i aim to replace the cheapo lamps so don't let those guide you in any way.

thanks friends. have a great weekend...working for me.


barbara said...

That looks like my folks mahogany buffet except that it has drawers in the middle Thta same shiny dark finish. I TOO don't know what to do with it when I eventually end up with it. I belive they got it at Barker Brothers in the earaly 50's. gift from my grandparents (the dining room set). SO. what is the history on yours? You are right.. white may not have enuff impact against the gray. what are your accent colors? while I like neutrals as they make a better backdrop for "styling"...sometimes a wild say, magenta, teal...might work. if iti works with your mix of accessories. or what about a deeper gray...something with a tinge of purple in it. Maybe take your paint color and move up the color strip to a deeper tone of it. Maybe glaze over it in a metallic silver tone. that would be very a silver leaf type edge. yeah.. I like that idea better than the "wild color"

barbara said...

sorry for the typos gasp!

my favorite and my best said...

actually barbara i don't know the exact history on mine. it belonged to my mother in law and she recently gave it to me. its quite pretty- just not sure i love the dark. i want to change the lamps first and maybe add some pretty flea market china to it ala anna spiro over at absolutely beautiful things. but your ideas are great. i too have thought of painting it some bright, glossy color but i KNOW myself and i would HATE it once i painted it b/c i would be sure a better color existed elsewhere. i have decor remorse all the time. also my house is TEEEEEEEENY TINY and having it recede a bit or at the very least blend in a bit makes more sense. that's why the majority of my house is soft whites, grays, creams and neutrals.

arrielle_p said...

You did a great job working on your weekend project. Thanks for sharing.

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