Wednesday, May 6, 2009

nine years ago today

i married michael anderson here.... this is the ruins of what was once a house called barnsley house. my husband (then boyfriend) had shot a few commercials here and suggested it as the location of our wedding. we drove the hour outside of atlanta to adairsville, ga. i took one look. it was perfect. gorgeous grounds and gardens, hundred year old boxwood partiere's (vicki archer, did i spell that right?), a spa, horses, wild buffalo (leftover from the original owners penchant for hunting wild game), well appointed ammenities, etc etc etc...

this is the actual spot where we got hitched. no, this is not my wedding (would never do the cheesey updo with the mafia bride veil), but this is pretty much what it looked like. the spot is through the ruins and to the left.

and this is the restaurant where the rehearsal dinner took place. fabulous food and service.
in fact that was one thing everyone to this day tells us, the food was the best wedding food they had ever had.
sadly none of these photos are our wedding photos, just snagged off the barnsley gardens website. unfortunately our wedding took place before everyone was doing digital. i have a vhs of our wedding which was done by a very talented friend who set it all to jeff buckley. and all the photos are in an album and i have no scanner.
anyhoo, reminiscing about that day makes me smile. it was lovely, even if parts are a blur. and if you are engaged to be married or hope to be may i offer some advice to you? take every moment you can to stop and look at your partner and your surroundings, its such a whirlwind of a day and most likely you will not have slept much the night before so you will be a little out of it. just make sure you record the moments in your head, especially the ceremony. its a bit scary up there and you can easily forget it all. the words, the looks, the sentiment, the actual purpose of the day!
ok then thanks for indulging me my lovely readers.
and to my husband- happy anniversary babe! here's to 9 more. i love you.


Dumbwit Tellher ♥ said...

What a lovely place. That spot is tops in my book. Happy Anniversary!!

P.S. - Mafia Bride. Ha..ha!

mike said...

Thank you, my love, for this beautiful post.

And to all of the MF&MB readers - I married this girl because she is terribly beautiful and tragically talented. I saw her through the window of a restaurant and she gave me a smile and wave that made me feel like the coolest guy on Earth. I would soon learn that she was the best actress that I had ever seen (and even though it IS our anniversary, i'm not obliged to just say that....she REALLY IS!) She's also a ridiculous cook (I say "chef"), and talented designer and blogger and best of all the most fabulous mother in the world.
You will ALWAYS be a superstar to me, my love. I love you.

- Mike

vicki archer said...

Happy anniversary and may you have many, many more happy years together, xv.

Sarah Klassen said...

I love witnessing true, authentic love stories, such as this. It makes my heart warm :)

Mama B said...

Happy Anniversary!

The TownhouseLady said...

How gorgeous is that setting? Happy Anniversary and many many more!

Mama B said...

Good God, I just realized that my father in law is in the background of the shot of you and Mike. He looks like a crazy stalker. I love it!!

mike said...

Yes he does, Mama B. In fact, when Fiona saw that pic she said "WHO IS THAT, DADDY?!!!"