Wednesday, May 13, 2009


for those unfamiliar, serenbe is a village in georgia just south of atlanta, in fact about 30 minutes from my house. lucky me. it's set in the midst of hundreds of acres of farmland and forest. i believe that there are now governed laws that state only a certain amount of building can happen...ever...and it all has to be sustainably built. serenbe includes enclaves of cottage-y homes, modern homes, and farmhouses, plus an inn and surrounding guesthouses, a huge barn home to many horses, plus an actual working farm where you can volunteer during the growing season and learn all about organic farming (you stay for free and eat for free for the season), and a main square kind of thing with all sorts of shops from an art gallery to a salon/spa, a bakery and several restaurants, a home goods store and several new ones in the making. its a pretty magical place. it's peaceful and quiet and it smells good there. like healthy dirt and fresh air. great for weddings and if you can afford it, to rent one of their guest houses for the summer to enjoy the pool, farm, horseback riding, canoeing aint cheap though!! for this place is very well appointed and gorge! here are some of the houses in the area. most of them are weekend homes. kind of like a southern hamptons, minus the beach.

modern too!!

remember this?
this is the giant barn as you enter serenbe.

this is the main part of town, the strip if you will..most of the upper levels of the store fronts are either flats or some of the inn's guest suites.

this is the sidewalk seating of the bakery 'the blue eyed daisy'. my husband, daughter and i go there sometimes for breakfast on the weekends. most recently on mother's day..i had the best biscuit of my life with homemade organic strawberry jam. it was heavenly.

this is the main house and surrounding guest houses of serenbe inn.

the pool (off season obvi!)
not sure where this is...but it sure is pretty.
a misty morning on the farm.

if you live in the atlanta area it is definitely worth a visit. check out the website.


alison giese Interiors said...

Have to put it on my long list of "Have to Visit" (Stateside edition) - Heavenly!

The Townhouselady said...

I had no idea this existed. What an Eden. Thanks so much for sharing this.

jess@noelmarie said...

No way! That is not a real place, right? I will have to keep telling myself that in order to not pack up my stuff and move to Georgia ASAP.

MFAMB said...

it really is cool. like what those other cottage communities want and try to produce but just don't seem to capture it...this one def. does.