Thursday, June 18, 2009

mom's house

i spent a few hours today with my mum. let me tell you..that woman has a BIG green thumb. i think plants would grow out of her armpit if she planted a seed there. what you see below are lemons, violets, and bush beans..there is more but as my camera phone isn't great at letting me save images i only got away with a few... dad let me borrow his snazzy sony camera with a ginormous lens. (he also let me keep it at my house so i can take rad pictures and post them for you) those green bushes in front there are gardenias. they were FULL but have past their first bloom. that tree in the foreground is a ginko. lovely leaves.

this is a wreath that mom stuffs bird feathers in as she finds them.

mom also is a very good cook. she recently had a kitchen re-do and dad got her an AGA. it is beautiful and performs beautifully too.

here is her old kitchen..not so much, eh?

thanks mom for letting me post your house without your consent. next time i will get a shot of your gorgeous bed.


wyatts&fionasnana said...

I love you too! Mom

Anonymous said...

if i paid you a nickel for every chuckle i had whilst reading your could buy two of those chicken contraptions. kathi

my favorite and my best said...

thank you kathi!!

MyLittleHappyPlace said...

Your Mom's kitchen is killa - swooning over the AGA fo sho!

Seems you come by your good taste honestly!

The Townhouselady said...

Woo Hoo, gorgeous kitchen mama MFaMB! I love those stoves. We calls them Ahhh Gagas!

Do I spy with my good eyes a Kitchen Aid mixer in Cobalt Blue (with the lift arm, not the tilt head- awesome)? My sister has that same one, I have the red one. I did this post about the white one that my mom has from back in the 1970's that still works perfect to this day. She was praying for the thing to break because she wanted to get the gunmetal one when me and my sis got ours. We told our dad and he went and got it for her for Xmas anyways. Now she has two!?!

Sorry for the long comment but I get so excited about kitchen stuff.

Every mom deserves a kitchen redo.

The Townhouselady said...

Forgot to say, lovely garden! I really like the feathers in the wreath too.