Tuesday, June 9, 2009

ya know what'cha know..

and what i unequivocally know is that i LOVE neutrals with bright moments (sorry- i am just so over the term "pops of color"). this house (a rental...holla!) is the temporary home of HGTV's design on a dime star kristan cunningham. she went in and made it her own. love the painted ceiling, that dark charcoal gray. i would have assumed a dark ceiling would shrink the room, not so!! the true white helps and i love how she separated the openness of the room with several different rugs and a long cane chaise. (i recommend clicking the pictures for a close up)
i think i am drawn to a more masculine aesthetic. she balances the masculine and the feminine beautifully. love the large and in charge painting. i want a big ass ocean themed painting too, maybe this one..

some bright blue moments...

this makes me love the horns again..

she added strips of mitered wood to the fronts of all the cabinets and drawers then painted the uppers a creamy white, the lowers a charcoal gray and the pantry storage and wall oven cabinetry a french gray. i think the window casings got the french gray too. i LOVE it. it makes me want to punch someone. she also got all the hardware on the cheap. you just know she has a major black book of places with the best deals. hate.
she replaced the upper cabinets on this wall in favor of these open shelves.
she removed the doors under the stove and hung cheap tea towels as a curtain to break up the wood.

go here to read her budget breakdown.


The Townhouselady said...

I absolutely love this. I'm very drawn to it for all of the reasons yoiu point out. Really I could move right in and be happy as a clam!

The only thing I want to see go by the wayside as far as design goes are the open shelving concepts.

Unless you have a cleaning lady or want to wash everything before you set the table I just don't see that the aesthetic outweighs the grime factor. A girlfriend of mine has them and whenever she says do you want a glass of wine and pulls one of those dusty glasses off the shelf I do the inner cringe and remind myself that I'm building up antibodies.

Sabina said...

Wow , I am crazy in love with that kitchen and that dark ceiling who would of thought it could have that effect!

Thanks for stopping by my site - it's great to be back checking out cool blogs like yours!!


Simply Mel said...

I love to see how far you can stretch the dime! Great decorating with warm and beautiful results....especially love the paintings on the walls and the blue door!

Anne @ The City Sage said...

Thank you SO much for giving me an alternative phrase to the tired and overused 'pops of color'. bright moments? BRILLIANT!