Saturday, July 18, 2009

honesty is such a lonely word

i have been tagged twice, first by tiina at livia concept and second by the lady at a townhouse lady. this is a 10 truly honest things about myself thing. so here you go.
1. i love to talk about religion, b/c i feel most people are horribly confused by it. i think the bible is a beautiful concept full of tremendous wisdom and insight into how to be a godlike person but the vast majority take it far too literally therefore making them idiots.
i believe in god but probably not in the same way you do. i do NOT believe in the devil. in fact, if you REALLY gave that whole devil concept some thought you would see just how utterly ridiculous it is. this coming from a girl who was raised catholic and harbored a grave sense of doom throughout much of her childhood b/c of The Exorcist. so i guess you could say i have been on both sides of the fence and i feel my side now is much saner.
2. i love to have girlfriends but my dearest are very far and i never see them. this makes me more sad than anything in the whole world. and the REALLY sad part is i KNOW that i miss them far more than they miss me.
3. i was in a lifetime movie of the week back in 2000 called The Price of a Broken Heart with laura innes and park overall. i played a sassy waitress called faye. i was cast with long hair but felt the character needed a perm so i gave myself one and all of my hair fell out so they had to cut it REALLY short. like edie falco nurse jackie short. the director ended up loving it and so it goes. sometimes it still plays on the lifetime movie network and my mom usually calls me to tell me this.
4. i was in the movie Roadtrip. my scenes were with sean william scott, who was really sweet and lovely and very funny. i played a cop that came to the frat house to inquire about all the noise. he and i had a really funny exchange at the door (we got to improvise with each other for hours) he thought i was a stripper/cop but i was a real cop. the part got cut from the film which was a bummer b/c it was a really funny scene. but i got a personal letter from todd philips (who went on to direct my fave movie this year, the hangover) explaining that they had to try and keep the film within a 2 hour time frame and had to cut several scenes from the film. it was a nice touch. i should have framed it.
5. i auditioned for a movie with robert redford, hellen mirren, and willem defoe (i can't remember the name of it) i inevitably did not get cast (i was blond and they needed brunette- stupid no? like i wouldn't dye my hair to play robert redford's daughter in law??) anyway...somehow i was able to score a "job" as willem defoe's line reader. basically he has it in his contract that the studio pays for someone to help him with his lines. i got that job. weird, i know. but cool. so for 3 days i got to saunter up to his suite at the four seasons and hang out with him in his room and read through the script with him. correcting his mistakes etc... it was harder than you might imagine. i mean on the one hand i wanted to embody the other character (which was almost always robert redford's part) so that i could give him some real emotion to work with but on the other hand i didn't want to seem like a tool either. i will say this about him, he is teeny tiny in person. he is very kind and a little odd. and he smelled horrendous. like the worst body odor ever. he was an avid yoga practitioner and as soon as you walked into his room it smelled like a bikram studio. like sweaty ass. cool gig though.
6. i am a type one diabetic and wear a "pod" on my tummy that gives me insulin. i have been diabeautiful for 10 years.
7. i am fiercely protective of my family. i won't hesitate to yank your ass backwards if you speak ill of them or threaten or hurt them in any capacity. i don't care how old you are.
8. i am extremely physically powerful and i am quite certain i could kill someone with my bare hands. (see #7)
9. i work out a lot. (see #8)
10. it doesn't take much for me to cry. this is a bonus as an actress. i am tagging these it if you want or don't do it.
jamie @ isuwannee
mel @ reverie


A French Cloud said...

nice to meet you--fun facts to know- and I'll keep my eyes open next time I'm watching Lifetime

Dumbwit Tellher ♥ said...

Great..great 10's. I happen to agree with a lot of what you said about #1. I feel the same about #2 as well. I am totally impressed with all your accomplishments. My son who is 22 & I were just chuckling about your part is Road Trip. That was great. Now we want to rent it again!! Diabeautiful, I love that phrase. You are quite the woman. ♥deb

The Townhouselady said...

I hope you had fun doing this. I had fun reading it. You're such an accomplished woman! You whole 7,8 and 9 made me chuckle.

Thanks for participating.

Anonymous said...

Read the Ragamuffen Gospel by Brennan changing

Anonymous said...

That made me like you.

Anonymous said...

ohmygosh. i am filled up and i am not sure why. i think that it warms my heart that you speak in terms of heart rather than inconsequential b.s. as far as religion, i am in the same pew as you. i heard the most riveting show on npr ahwile back. if you haven't listened to npr on sunday mornings give it a whirl while you are doing stuff in the kitchen. anyway the story was about a minister who had the glory of a large congregation but he lost his followers and his church b/c he took 'hell' out of the picture. it was an utterly fascinating account of how we are sold on the idea of hell and being 'born again'. anyway, thanks for opening up another window to your good self, and i'll bet your gfriends miss the hell out of you! special people are not easily replaced. now lets get back to my damn fireplace! i painted the top black and my son told me it looks like a castle! xokathi

Anonymous said...

my npr is fm 90.9. you can also download the podcasts free to your ipod. i love ira glass.

my favorite and my best said...

thanks guys for the warm love. i REALLY and TRULY appreciate it. (see #2 again)
kathi- i DO indeed listen to npr. i love it.
anon- ragamuffen gospel..i will look into it.
anon- thanks.

MyLittleHappyPlace said...

Fantastic list! Very interesting! Have I ever told you I was a rep first for Roche (Accu-chek meters), and then for Medtronic Minimed (insulin pumps). Needless to say, I have a soft-spot for diabeautiful people!
Thanks for the tag, I'm workin' on it.

Simply Mel said...

Loved your honesty list! Didn't think I could like you any more than I already did...but you went ahead and pushed yourself to an even higher platform!

Thanks for the tag! I'm not sure I'm as brave as you with spilling all my beans - yes, there's my #1 now, 'afraid of opening up'!

Beach Vintage said...

OK, I feel better now that someone else has said that it doesnt take much for them to cry. Thanks xx

vicki archer said...

Great read...what an interesting life you lead. The only person I read to is me but at least I don't smell, well I hope not!! I think the movie you auditioned for with Robert Redford was called The Clearing and it was a great film. Loved your honesty, xv.

Simply Mel said...

okay...because the tag was from you, I did it. (yes, I kinda like you and your funny self a WHOLE LOT!). I know I"m suppose to post on my own blog, but I decline and will share with you here instead....sorry!

1. I am terrified of heights.

2. I never thought I would have a child (not because I couldn’t but because I didn’t see one fitting into my lifestyle) – my beautiful, sweet, perfect daughter proved me wrong!

3. For seven years, I worked as a veterinarian assistant in a spay/neuter clinic. It was one of the best jobs of my life, and I learned so much about life (and death) from the animals, clients, doctors and co-workers. I’m still best friends with many of them.

4. Almost every penny we save goes towards traveling. We are gypsies at heart. Instead of an IRA, we travel.

5.I miss my family in Georgia very much, but I also love being 3,000 miles away from them too!

6. My degree is in Child Psychology.

7.The love of my life walked into my world on February 14, 2007. I received my sweet little pug as Valentine’s gift that same day from another man to whom I was engaged to be married. The love of my life convinced me that our souls belonged together. Engagement broken two months later. The love of my life, little pug, and I have lived happily ever after since…

8.I’ve worn glasses or contacts since I was in elementary school. Basically, I should be considered legally blind.

9.I don’t watch television.

10.Being born and raised in the South taught me the importance of respecting your elders, saying please and thank you, yes sir/ma’am – no sir/ma’am, and smiling at everyone you pass. I do miss the sweetness of Southern Hospitality.

t0t0 said...


i think your profile speaks for itself:
"allow me to school you in what looks good, smells good and tastes good."

nasty, dude just nasty.

my favorite and my best said...

t0t0- if you read the blog, consider yourself schooled.
obviously not everyone is goiong to appreciate my sense of humor.

t0t0 said...

schooled in the art of being narcissistic?

i think your trash mouth takes away from any really "cool shit".

"el sucko, juggs, shit,
blah, blah, blah..."

my favorite and my best said...

clearly toto you still don't QUITE get it. juggs- fuck yeah!! they are HUGE -unfortunately not in a good way. el sucko- are you serious? what't wrong (or narcisstic) with me talking about my loathe for ranch houses?
i mean, honestly...if you have a problem with my trash mouth don't read my fucking blog douchebag!

t0t0 said...

blah, blah, blah. . .
the end

my favorite and my best said...

yes, jog on.

Anonymous said...

Go! Go! Go! This type of banter is the hit of half the entertainment world these days, so, as this IS one of the more entertaining blogs I read, it just got mo mo entertaining.
In fact...are you sure you didn't stir this up yourself, MFandBest? True brilliance.
...and if you are for real, Toto, you too should be thanked. If your intention was to walk into the open door of someone's blog and not simply disagree with some of their choices but go to the effort to chastise for simply being who they are then in my opinion it would be you that are the one that is arrogant...but again....that itself would make it all the more brilliant and sneaky if it's internal trickery. So, whoever you are, Toto - Andy Kuaffman/Tony Clifton of MFandBest or dimwitted, self proclaimed blog patrol - thank you for the excitement.

t0t0 said...

dear anon,

de nada :)

i do rock the trolling

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