Friday, August 7, 2009

i hope she has good deodorant

look, i'm as big a fan as anybody of jane aldridge and her fashionably awesome blog, with all her vogue write ups and a teen coolness the likes of which i certainly have never seen...but...she lives in texas. texas. right now in texas it is 99 degrees. here in atlanta it is 96 and i am wearing a thin cotton t-shirt and denim cut-offs and i am sweating balls. loco. fabulous....but loco.


Simply Mel said...

Good deodorant or don't ask for the clothes off this model! ha!

You are my fav too! :)

By the way, my dad and his wife seem to be a bit lazy with finding photos of their ranch re-do. Sorry! What can a girl do...if you want help with something, you must look as far as your own hand!

vicki archer said...

SHe looks pretty cute - hot or not....xv