Sunday, August 9, 2009

this should knock you out

spotted on a monday color combo search...holy fart! where have you been all my life beautiful bathroom? that wallpaper kills me, that lamp is harassing me with its cuteness, the black cabinet and marble counter is laughing at me and the floors are using my face as a punching bag.
if you know what's good for you you will click for enlargement purposes.

i think at some point this picture was on desire to inspire (what isn't?) but i have no idea the original source. tell me if you know so that i can stalk the designer.


Jackie said...

It's M Design Interiors:

Stalk away

Anonymous said...

It's lacerating me with gorgeousness... I am so with you on this. Esp. love that wallpaper! Oh, who am I kidding... it has me in its grips! drool.

Porchlight Interiors said...

This is one gorgeous bathroom - that wallpaper is incredible! Tracey xx