Wednesday, September 30, 2009

just some pretty

whilst perusing houzz today i found some new (to me) images for the ol inspiration files...although i would like to point out some bullshit first...i am a little annoyed at how small these images appear on my blog. sometimes in the saving the images remain large and other times they get all small and almost pointless to look at. does anyone know how to fix this? is it fixable? for example how does desire to inspire get their images so goddamn huge? so anyway here are some of the images i saved to the mfamb vaults..sorry about the bullshit size.
i love the above images use of a dead space like that.

those floors.

those floors too..shiny and white.

**ok for some reason now that the post is up the pics don't look so small..


boops said...

I dunno...maybe it's your layout, or template...anyway, no matter the image size, your blog makes me happy...


I run into this issue all the time. Its an HTML code thing. You have to go in and adjust the max pixel width in the template code in a bunch of different places since the picture uploader adjusts it automatically.

Or you have to have separate picture hosting that you input the html code in the post to get the pics bigger, but then everything has to be correctly sized or you have a cluster fuck on your hands.

I kind of gave up on the whole "bigger picture" conundrum. Too much work for my free blog.

Rachel said...

I'm befuddled by the picture thing too - some pics are small and others are big. Not sure why or how to change it - sorry. But I don't think these are too small at all.

I am seriously loving that gray leather wingback sitting on that rug with the overscaled pattern!! Oh, and I agree with you about those floors! Kinda makes my laminate look like poo (well, it is, but we can't afford to do anything about it right now).

leFiligree said...

i dont know how desire to inspire does it, but i do it quick enough. if the resolution isnt there then blowing them up more than 120% will look jaggy. but at the end of the "img src" code i put in width=90% height=90% or whatever.

love the images and your commentary

pillow mint said...

i love when the pictures i post come out all big and fat -- i don't know how it happens though.
i am in love with that wallpaper and the leather butterfly chair.

A French Cloud said...

I'll send you a link that will help. It's with the html code--changing it from S400 to S576 or
S640 and deleting some other details. The problem--you may get larger pics but part of your image may not be seeable on your blog because of the larger, you always need to double check once it's up. Or, you could just change the blog template to accept the larger pics. Hope this helps.

Punkinhead said...

ahhhhh.... thanks or the gorgeousness. you're so generous!

LOVE that couch on wheels!