Thursday, September 3, 2009


from crate and barrel. normally i am not a fan of crate and barrel for furnishings. i do however enjoy their kitchen-y stuff. but i came across this in the catalog:
the lyle side chair is decently priced at 199. it's nice looking, no? around a farm table. i think yes.
also these lamps: the swell lamp is slightly more ridiculously priced at 139. but i do love that peacock one. with a black nubby silk shade. i think yes.


MyLittleHappyPlace said...

Diggin' the galvanized chair, fo sho!

pillow mint said...

love for the lamp!

mb said...

Why not just get the original galvanized chair through Sundance? Same price and they have sales all the time.
I have six around a lovely farm table.

my favorite and my best said...

mb i just checked sundance and the steel chairs were $245, $195 if you buy 6 or more. which is less if you are buying 6 or more. but it doesn't matter i can't afford 1 at either place. :(

LindsB said...

I have great chairs just like those and I have them around my old farm table- its a great combo if I do say so myself!

mb said...

Well, I did buy six chairs from Sundance two years ago. I love them. Wow... $245. for one?
I know I took advantage of a big sale beyond the buy 6 and get a deal.