Friday, September 4, 2009

this room

makes a strong case toward the need of a black leather sofa. and a zebra rug if used correctly will NEVER go out of style. ever. you hear me? you know who you are.
found here.



Thank you! I've had a zebra rug for several years and I'm so tired of hearing that it's over. I'm going to point said people to this post. Oh, and I've been coveting black couches lately too.

Mrs. Limestone said...

This room looks amazing.

But can we put a call out to people to stop buying those fugly leather couches that have all the folds in them? Do you know what Im talking about?

Not only are those out of style - they were never in!

The Townhouselady said...


While you're so right is black leather a good idea for Georgia summers?

I can hear my fat thighs prying themselves away from it now. Thrrrssslllppp!

liler said...

i love that look! I've really been into black and white palettes lately. black+white+gold = yum

mb said...

What a seriously beautiful room. Black leather sofa, relax, nothing will show.