Monday, November 16, 2009


that bathroom looks retreat-ish. like a place to hide out in and bathe away the bullshit. i would throw an old-timey radio on that vanity and listen to something sad like billie holiday and smoke cigarettes.

nice library. love all the mismatched chairs and open smells good in here, like books and coastal cypress.

i love when a mirror reflects pretty. and cloches are always a nice addition to your decor.

i am unsure of the floor...are those gray rugs thrown down or is that something inlaid in the wood? either way it's nice and so is that tribal looking rug..everything about this space is delightful. open plan at it's best.

for me it's all about that tub and those goddamn moroccan inspired towels.

i am a sucker for a room that is ill defined. this is the room that as a little girl i would steal away to to dance or pretend it was my very own office or lab or hospital or general private quarters or plan my date with jason bateman..


who doesn't love a big fucking anchor? this room is special.

all of this gorgeousness comes from sarah spongberg.


LindsB said...

I wish I could get books to look as good as they do in that library, love it!

The Townhouselady said...

Love this. So perfect yet comfortable looking. I'd move in tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

Jason Bateman!! We need to go see the Arrested Dev. movie together when it comes out.

Lauren said...

love all these rooms so much.. they feel so "real" and undesigned to me. i think that's what often makes a really talented designer... love this


ps- you should check out my best friend's blog "Don't call me fat... bitch" ... it's on my blogroll & is totally unrelated to design but you might like it. It's hysterical & I was telling her about yours this weekend so I'm sure she'll be over.


Wanderings of a Wannabe said...

oh i like that anchor

Simply Mel said...

The egg-shaped tub is my dream tub!

BTW, I'm really a bit jealous that you and Alek (from the right bank) are going to be living in the city!

susan said so said...

I didn't even realize the first image was a bathroom until I read your comments! I like that about it. : )


secret word: coses

Peggy said...

The rooms you picked are gorgeous but stay the hell away from MY Jason!

Anonymous said...

ok, you inspried me with that first bathroom. DREAM-Y!!!!!! i'm now on the hunt for an oil painting, old timey radio, and apparently i need to learn how to smoke.

*PrairieGirl* said...

mmmmm....jason bateman. loved him at 14 & i love him now =)

love these spaces...they feel like real humans live here, rather than design robots.

mb said...

What a great combo of rooms. I am in love with several of them.
the gray floors? I think they are waxed cement.

pillow mint said...

that tribal looking rug is a-maz-ing.
love, love, love!!!

Visual Vamp said...

BFA love indeed!
xo xo

nkp said...

I have read this post from start to finish at least a half-a-dozen times. And saved every image. She's good. Damn good.. You had me at the tribal rug, and then again at the anchor, and sealed the deal with the ill-defined room. I want me one of those fo' sure!

The Blasphemous Fiendess said...

Beautiful-I love it all

Anonymous said...

Love those Moroccan towels too - FYI has some similar ones right now in the Accents section until 11/28!

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