Friday, January 1, 2010

greatest hits part 1

it was certainly a great year for MFAMB! it was my first year. the birth of my blog. a new adventure. i met a shit ton of cool mo'fo's like you, got paid to write someone else's blog and just..well...put it out there. so here is part 1 of MFAMB's greatest hits: the images:


blue and white:

gray and white:

random awesomeness:

pink and gray:

amazeballs kitchens:


brown and gold:

black and yellow:

bold pattern:

pink and yellow:

tiny cute:

gray and yellow:

happy new year fuckers! i hope everyone had a great one and all returned home safe and sound to the comfort of their warm beds and loved ones.
no resolutions from me. i don't buy into them. mostly b/c it's a lame excuse to be better when we should be doing that every day, like little buddahs all the time.

come back tomorrow for greatest hits part 2.

here's to peace, love, good health and prosperity for us all in the new year!


boops said...

happy anniversary! all the best for 2010, and thank you for being a daily highlight! :)

Anita Davis said...

love the greatest hits! thanks for all you do!

Dumbwit Tellher said...

I'm chiming into that philosophy as well; no resolutions here.
It's been quite the ride and thank you for all the laughs. Thank the good lord you started off with RP; that was quite the lineup. Great day to you three x

AppleTree Staging said...

I think I need black paned windows now, I saw them in a couple of images and am sending the mister to the paint store asap

ginger said...

Happy New Year! Love the colours - thought you might want to know that while cruising overstock I saw some sexy motor bike style boots similar to what you covet. Maybe they'll do you? Anyway, best to you and yours!

nkp said...

Right back atcha girl! I think nirvana must look just like this post, tiny animals and all. What a spectabulous round up! I couldn't save the images quickly enough!

I'm so excited to follow along as you work your magic in 2010!


gayhooker said...

rob: i too could share a virginia slim with him, although i'd rather emmett
blue & white: you forgot to include my country of origin's flag

my favorite and my best said...

gay are u swedish?
emmett is too beefy. although i don't as a rule like em lanky either. somewhere in the middle maybe??

Anna said...

Happy New Year Jenny...loving these posts..totally orgasmic!! Love the colour schemes...divine x

gayhooker said...

100% greek god

corine said...

You were certainly one of MY discoveries of 2009. I came here for long breaks, for laughter, for great design and terrible design (and enjoyed them both equally.)

Have a great year 2010. A lot of good stuff for you I predict.


Happy new year!! Thanks for all the great design and laughs the past year. Wish Mike a happy new year for me too, will you? (You know how much we all love him.) xoxo, Ally

jennifer said...

i don't know who rob is, but he looks tasty!

b.a. said...

so happy to have found mfamb this year. keep up the eff-bombs and r.pat pics!

p.s. my husband bought me the issue of vanity fair with r.pat on the cover. i made sure to "thank" him kindly that night. but i may have called him edward in all the excitement. happy new year!

Punkinhead said...

Jennifer should be smacked around. Just sayin'...

Thanks for surfing the internet all day so I don't have to. :)

Lisa said...

Loved this post Jenny, I can see Rob aka Ed is featured in a prominant position...urrrmm yes I would place him at the top as well.
Happy Anniversary and keep up the good work awesome blogger...

LindsB said...

yum, all those pics are delish, I think I just saved about 100 of them :)

Happy New Year biatch!

Paisley said...

So glad I found your blog! I agree with the resolution thing as well!

Erin Gates said...

Glad to see you are as lustful for Rob as I. A beautiful room in lovely, but that man is just DIVINE.