Friday, February 5, 2010

dear god and jesus: a letter

you'll have to forgive me you two i am really tired today. but since you guys are god and jesus (a powerful duo from what i understand) i know you will. i just have a few requests/thank you's to give out.

1. could you please tell hartsfield/jackson airport in atlanta to change their flight patterns to anywhere but over my house? that would be awesome. i know it's technically my fault for moving .5 miles from the airport all in the name of a cute house, but you have a way of making things better for people (and bad...haiti! that wasn't very cool!!) so until i can move please do something about the DC10747jumbojets taking off in the direction of me.

2. can you also please stop with the rain? it's cold, and we don't really need it as not much is growing at the moment. plus i lay awake every night listening to the sounds of a sump pump throwing up water that is flooding in our crawlspace. that + jets = no sleep.

3. thanks for making the red panda:

kitten paws:

and peonies:
now please help me with those other things. i am happy to move, so if you could present a house for me that is in a great school district, in our budget and not full of stinky carpet, wood paneling or green formica that would be amazeballs.

images via we heart it and home


Mrs. Limestone said...!

Where the hell are those and how do I get to see one?

my favorite and my best said...

they reside in southeast asia mrs. L.

MyLittleHappyPlace said...

Better a Dear God than a Dear John, I always say.
Think perhaps the two are connected. Crap weather often diverts flight plans, which may be the cause of so many take-offs and landings in your direction.
Wishing you the sunny skies we're experiencing down here - too much of it, actually.
Feast or Famine?


mb said...

Earplugs. It will cut the evening sounds to a manageable level.
The plane sounds are probably worse now because of the cloud cover.
It is raining in Dallas too.

jennifer said...

ahh, the sweet prayers. . .

Heather said...

i hear you about the sump pump, the one under our house is going non-stop these days! the peonies are gorgeous! love your blog and it always provides a little comic relief for my day.

Duel Living said...

Red pandas are freakin' cute! And I am commiserating with you on the no sleep thing...I have a MANIMAL in my wall just itching to dig it's way out and eat/kill me. Of course I blogged about it as well...but I shoulda thought about the "Dear God" letter...let me know if it works.

Emily said...

That letter is adorable! Red panda=LIFE! We have a pump at our house and I can identify with the noise it creates! I agree with mb maybe ear plugs? But either way that you for sharing that panda!!

your friend laura said...

hi! just stumbled on to your blog from duel living, and i must say, you're a peach! love your blog! also, some day, i want to be a designer. and also a ninja, but that somehow seems unrelated to your blog, but i thought i'd share anyway.


with love from pittsburgh,

Anonymous said...

kitten paws! I am so in love with that picture! My kittens have black paws, so sadly I cannot take similar shots of my beloveds...
Sorry about the planes! I live on the corner of Haight ST (AKA partay and homeless central), so i can sympathize... I find that a white noise machine makes a HUGE difference in my sleep abilities. I highly recommend it.

Erika @ BluLabel Bungalow said...

i'm feeling you on the rain and chill...and the airplanes, i see them but don't hear them as much as i used to. didn't realize we may live so close to each other.

hello gorgeous said...

Red panda pic, kitten paws and peonies made me *squee*!

And it's snowing like a bitch here - feel better?

Kristin said...

Kitten paws make me happy. Cheesy, but oh so true.

Kindle Marie said...

Baby girl, you want to ask for snow (delays)in place of rain, so you can get a good nights sleep...(sorry travelers)

Haiti, God's doing...?mmm not so much

ah peonies....!!!!!!

skull & bunny society said...

red panda you're mine gimmie it!!