Monday, March 15, 2010

andrea's valdosta/albany georgia craigslist finds (where i prove my witchery)

andrea thought for a minute that she could outsmart me. saying this:

My closest craig's city would be either Albany, GA or Valdosta, GA. I challenge you to find anything that doesn't look like it came out of a trailer or have a family of roaches living in it. My point is that craig's list is slim pickings when you live in a small town.

so before i looked for her stuff i emailed her and asked if she would drive the 3 hours to atlanta for a great deal. this is what she said:

I would be willing to go to atl for one hell of a bargain. I really need some kind of fab dresser to use as a tv stand in my living room. Would also love to find 2 metal tea carts or narrow shelves to go in my dining room. I am also obsessed with a good chair so any suggestions would be welcomed. I like clean lines but not to modern.

behold my powers:

gentleman's desk- $40 paint this beauty black or gray and outfit it with some sexy hardware. this is a classic desk. sturdy and cool. yes.

2 small black leather chairs- $100 good deal. probs could offer 75 for both.

antique oak dresser- $250. offer 175. it's a great piece. you could modernize it with shiny paint in a bright color and some modern pulls. or like me, strip it to a pale wood tone and wax it up. then put it under your tv next to those modern black leather chairs. it's all about balance.

vintage chair -$25 for 1 or $40 for 2. great chairs. fabric them up in something good:

dresser- $25 another option for under your tv. it's got a more modern feel and they are practically giving it away, but not sure how great it is in person. it's worth checking out. again, paint it shiny and add some sexy chinoiserie hardware.

antique table and chairs- $300. fuck the table, go for those chairs. paint them and add new cushions in a great fabric. those chairs are amazeballs USA.

here are 3 bar/tea carts for you:

tea cart- $20 this is from atlanta craig.

bar cart- $80 also from atlanta craig.

glass and metal bar cart- $45 also atlanta craig.

glass coffee table- $100 this is gorgeous. snatch it up!!!

glass dining room table
- $75 this is a GREAT deal. worth the drive to atlanta fo shiz.

wood chair- $100. talk that shit down. it's a good chair. put it in that corner that needs something.

oak breakfast set- $150. the table is fine- the stain is hideous. but my money is on those windsor chairs. classic chairs. paint them.
the majority of this was on the valdosta/albany georgia craigslist. i am telling you when you have super duper fairy glitter running through your veins you can find anything on craigslist.

your welcome andrea.


The Huntress said...

great finds! what are your search words for FAB finds??? thx!

Andrea said...

Thanks Jenny! I've been eyeing that antique dresser. Those tufted back chairs rock and I love that glass coffee table. You really do have magical powers!

bluehydrangea said...

That glass coffee table is amazing. Double the rate I told you to charge!!

Shannon said...

You have the gift! I wonder if these people would be sellers if they saw their stuff through your eyes!??! Here's another service you could offer (for a sml fee, duh), let us wannabe's send you pics of the crap we intend to post on Craigslist, and you tell us if it indeed sucks donkey balls or if we are borderline retarded. You become a Craigslist filter. Of course you would spend your free time weeding through other people's junk...but who better to tell us like it is?

susan said so said...

Seriously amazing fabulousity. And that coffee table would be perfection in my oak-laden living room!


Southern Aspirations said...

I am in awe of your greatness. I never see things on the Atlanta Craigs List I want or need! (ok, very rarely).

Ms Smart said...

I bow to your online shopping genius. dang dude, it's a gift, along with your snappy blogs. keep rocking J.

Anonymous said...

hey jenny! funny stuff this is my friend andrea! her and i went to design school together at valdosta state. i also featured her kitchen renovation on my blog:

mb said...

Holy crow. At some point we might need to talk you away from the edge. You certainly are a Craig's list diva. Stop doing the work of lazy folk... nice, but maybe lazy folk.

nkp said...

Ah so that's your secret, super duper fairy glitter running through your veins. Explains everything. You are truly magical!

Dreams of Perfection said...

How the heck do you keep finding these freaking bar carts?! And to drive 3 hours for fab items should be no biggie. I do that all the time. If it's saving hundreds on furniture it's way worth it!

MODG said...

f. you are a witch.

Anonymous said...

Would you be so kind as maybe to do a separate post with the keywords you use to search?? Thanks!

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