Wednesday, March 10, 2010

cristin's austin craig finds

remember the other day when i foolishly stated that i would use my powers to find you craigslist shit using your cragislist bc i thought you were all slightly retarded that you couldn't find good shit on craigslist? well, a fairly sizeable list of folks emailed me and took me up on my offer.
and if you are one of those folks i do aim to find shit for you, just be patient with me as i am doing this on a first come first serve basis.

first up is cristin from austin texas. this is what she wrote:

dear MFAMB,

"oh please, oh please find the coolest things on the austin tx c-list. our house's style is all mixed up! lot's of antiques but also inherited mexican folk art and my husbands huge inappropriate paintings. if you like it, i'll like it. we need LAMPS (table and floor), fluffy-lay-on-the-floor & watch a movie rugs. outdoor furniture. i need CURTAINS like a mofo. oh, and my eleventeen year old daughter has a long standing obsession with japan and wants to re-do her room accordingly. anything would help, oh wise and inspiring jamie o'tha furbish..."

thank you,

your big big fan,


yeah, notice how she called me "jamie o' tha furbish"? i take that as a compliment. so no hard feelings. actually she emailed me saying she knows for 100 percent certain i am not jamie meares and that it was a wacky sleep deprived mistake. not sure jamie would be as pumped about being mistaken for me. but whatevs, were both awesomepants.

ok cristin here are your finds!!

rugs 1-3) tribal wool kilim rugs- $150 - $375 (depending on size- says he has 15 to choose from:
i think a few of these on the floor would be great, also great over a big jute or seagrass rug (see below for one of those)

8 x 10 kilim from pottery barn- $225. this rug is reversible and its huge. good colors.

mid east antique rug- $369. this is gorgeous! its worn in all the right places and its 9 x 12. hugeballs. a bit on the pricey side for craigslist but not for a huge ass rug as pretty as this.

ikea 9 x 3 wool rug- $500. also pricey but this rug was $1200 and it's really good, for ikea.

large woven jute rug- $50!! this is 8 x 14 and i would buy this in a heartbeat. so you should too. i would layer a few ebay cowhides over it for that soft, cozy feel..

like this only cow...(or zebra if that's your bag)

vintage mid century blue and chrome lounge chair- $119. what's not to love?

austin craig is lacking in lamp love. but, i managed to find a few interesting choices:

ikea lamps- $40 for both. these are good looking lamps in person. and a good price at 40 for two. they sell for 50 a piece new.

2 lamps- $30 each or $50 for the pair. hard to tell what these are like w/o seeing them in person. the shape is good. and with new shades and possibly some paint these could be good.

vintage mid century lamp- $30. cool lamp. just needs a good shade.

outdoor love:

2 red rocking chairs- $20 for the pair!! great price. perfect for a porch or deck or if it were me...sitting in the grass somewhere in the back yard near a fire pit and a little table for cocktails..and a different color. probs white. but the red looks perfectly worn and nice too.

ikea outdoor chair- $30. again, great price. i have always liked this chair.

wood and metal bench with texas stars- $60. c''s TEXAS!! paint it bright red, white, or keep it as is and put some pillows on it. it's a good looking bench. and it's 60 bucks.

6' round douglas fir indoor/outdoor table- $275. are you fucking kidding me? buy this. i want this...think of the outdoor dinner parties you could have?!?! and see the chairs below...

west elm metal indoor/outdoor folding chairs- $150 for 5!!! with that table up there...i am dying down here in atlanta. this is a find. a true awesome find that someone needs to enjoy immediately! cristin...please... imagine that perfectly worn wood table with these metal chairs! gorgeous!!!!

if metal is not your thing these chairs are pretty cool too:
modern white indoor/outdoor chair- $15 a piece.

ok, for the japanese loving tween you live with:

oriental screen- $175. use it as a screen or a cool head board. has 2 pretty sides.

danish modern arm chair- $119. cool asian inspired fabric. simple lines. she would probably like it.

wood bark tree chair- $69. great price and a very unique piece.

teak queen bed and matching dresser- $275 for bed, $225 for dresser. very low to the ground = asian.

asian style dark wood cabinet- $100. not a bad price. good storage for a tween.

asian style armoir- $200. doesn't get more asian than this.

japanese cabinet- $50!! cheap. paint it black lacquer or red lacquer. great for storing clothes.

antique japanese screen- $125. also could use as a headboard if the bed is full.

ceramic stool- $65. yes.

oriental writing desk- $25 cool.

asian peacock picture- $95. gorgeous!!!

coral and black leather stacking stools- $60 for 3!! these are about the coolest things i've seen in ages. get them. the tween will love them when her and her friends are together. and they're totes asain.

ok, so it's craigslist, you don't like the price? go low. the worst they can say is no. or fuck you asshole. but i doubt that. if they want to sell it they will most likely take your offer.

you like?


A Perfect Gray said...

whoa. you rocked it there, gal. I do want that big ole table and those white outdoor chairs. way cool. that was fun - looking forward to next installment. thanks!

boops said...

you're awesome usually, but super awesome for doing this.

ModFruGal said...

Nice...I want those stacking stools sumtin' awful....her tween is so set.

Domestic Goddess said...

I about fell OUT when I saw that outdoor table!!! Ahhhhhh!!! I NEED that! So sad we live so far away in the A... she should GET IT!

Abbie said...

Seriously... someone in a big city can't find stuff on CL. Try the metropolis of Steamboat Springs, CO, and you'll find weird crapola or expensive stuff. LOVE that outdoor table.

Beach Vintage said...

I adore the jute rug Jenny. Good luck with it all my love.

ashlina said...

picking up my jaw from the floor.
love everything.
los angeles needs you. all we ever have are retailers selling overpriced crap!

ticklishfromadistance said...

i love you. please come to Charlotte.

1x1000 said...

I'm in Funkytown Fort Worth....headed to Austin! Great post!

AppleTree said...

girl you worked hard on that! nice job. lucky cristin.

ginger said...

wow, love the screen and the rugs. I want those here, at those prices. one day you'll have to write about the utter crap on craigslist as well ;)

MyLittleHappyPlace said...

I was wondering about that can o' worms you opened. How 'bout a fair, flat fee for your services and time?

I think the Austin Craigs gets plowed fairly easily - what with the college peeps, and the other in-the-know cool-ass-taste crowd who can spy winners in a heartbeat. Still, you found decent goodies for her.

Anonymous said...

Cool beans! Good job. Lots of choices and great ideas. You have great taste and imagination. A secondary career possibility?

mb said...

Austin is my very favorite junking town. I have many fabulous finds from the four years we lived there.

You scored big in your Craig's list search in Austin.

The Austinite you were scoping for should also head to South Congress... my all time bestest place, Uncommon Objects. Find your lamps there.

Jenny, check out the website for the place, it is very cool.
mb from Dallas

bluehydrangea said...

That giant round wood table and metal chairs? Best thing ever!!! Outdoor dinner it!! But Austin Texas? You want a sad Craig's list you should check out Wilmington's!!!

susan said so said...

Yes, you did. Again.


nkp said...

I want those stacking stools. Now. Holy shit Jenny, that's some awesome stuff you found. I swear if I was closer to Texas that outdoor table and white chairs would be mine. MINE I tell ya.

I tried playing craigslist today, not so lucky, but I did find a consignment shop in Tucker with a few tasty items. Check out my post and tell me what you think of the rug.

La Dolfina said...

Damn you're good!!

Marija said...

Something tells me your list is going to get bigger! Incredible finds. I love the stools. I want the stools. I might have to get the stools. Figure out shipping later. Marija

my favorite and my best said...

i knew the stools would be a big hit with all of us decor nerds.

also the table and chairs..that is a ridiculously awesome deal!!
it was fun doing this.
just wish the person who asked me would read it...i worked hard on it.

a lovely being said...

the ceramic stools are an amazing find!! I can hardly navigate craigslist but am totally inspired now-- I have a feeling it's going to grow into an all-out obsession.

susan said so said...

yeah, so i just spent four fucking hours trolling my craig's, and a few other places, because i NEEEEEEED some ceramic stools like those, damnit, and i didn't know how much i needed them until i saw those here!

seriously. they fill a very specific need i had previously identified and been pondering a solution for... and now it NEEDS to be the weekend, so i'm not tempted to take 4 hour lunches and shop!

check louisville ky craig's. it is SHITE, i tell you. garbage shite.

i'm moving to austin. or to your house, jenny.

Design Darling said...

you like? no, i love. waiting to send you my information until i'm home from europe and can go crazy running around picking up all the treasures you find for me.

Naomi said...

damn you did good! ive never been so lucky on CL. obsessed with those red rugs. just wrote a little post on them and then hopped over here to see your finds. If I lived in austin i'd scoop that first up before cristin had a chance. muhahaha

susie q said...

Love it! You did good, girl! I'm with everyone else -- I love the big outdoor table and chairs.

Claire said...

This is so good I had to come out of my usual lurkerdom to let you know. I bow so deep I smack my head on the desk.

LindsB said...

The mid east antique rug had me at hello- someone MUST get that baby

Cristin said...

AAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!! i feel so fuckin' rockstar!!!! i'm on MFAMB!!!!! yayayayayaya! thank you so much J-J-J-JENNY!!!!! you will be happy to know that i have just put the first coat of weather-proofing on MY FAB-U-LOUS NEW GIANTNORMOUS OUTDOOR TABLE!!! and it is surrounded with love and 5 metal folding chairs!!! just in time for our onslaught of SXSW out of town guests and 80 degree weather and grilling and beer and twinkle lights! MMMMMWUAH! i wub you! thank you!!! i also went to get the ceramic stools but when i saw them in person they had a super-crackle glaze that i didn't like so i passed. you did make me realize that those kind of stools would be perfect for my daughter's room though, so thanks! i'll be getting another version for sure. the stacking stools were sweet, i wasn't fast enough for those... thanks again! you rule dude!