Saturday, March 13, 2010

i can't stop staring at these rooms..

both so very different. both so very feminine.
i think the idea of floating shelves here is so great. perfect for a small space. and that wedding blanket is delicious. a sea of white love.

hamish bowles is rita konig is hamish bowles is rita konig? it's actually hamish bowles. and i loves it. it's a feast for the eyes.

happy weekending lovers.
OH and more craigslist on monday.
keep 'em comin'!!!

images via table tonic via secrets of domestic bliss and vogue living australia via a lovely being


preppyplayer said...

Very girly, very nice.

Lorena said...

I am completely in love with the first room. It is so classic and beautiful. I love the variation of white shades and textures. I am also mildly saddened that I can't see that chandelier. I'm sure it is the perfect cherry on top of a lovely room.
PS I love your blog. You are feisty!

C.J. said...

love both of these rooms, one for the serenity and romance the other for the hit of colors. thanks

nkp said...

Moroccan wedding blanket. Want!

I love that Table Tonic. Sigh, I want one of everything in her amazing new shop.

Redesign Diva said...

First room, so soothing I love the floating shelves too and did you notice the lamp shadeless lamp in the corner? I love that!

In the second, that purple chair made the room...

and on your next post i would so use the first fabric, it is light and airy, yet bold. i would do just the chair and then the ottoman in all red...provided your other furniture is all white or some other light color?