Wednesday, March 17, 2010

julie's raleigh outdoor craig love

happy st. patty's day m effers! i hope you enjoyed celtic thunder as much as i did. i am wearing green cords from madewell, what are you contributing?

lets look at another craigslist challenge. this one comes from julie and she wants outdoor furniture to sit on while she gets drunkcity USA.

here's what she wrote:

Hi MFAMB! I'm a long time reader, but this will be the first time I'm introducing myself. I love seeing the craigslist finds you score in Atlanta and would like to take you up on your challenge of finding good shit on my local craigslist ( The number #1 thing I'm looking for right now is furniture for my back porch to hang out/dine/get drunk during the day and in the sunlight. I'm not opposed to painting/refurbishing anything and I'd like to keep it under $300. Also, it must be able to withstand the elements since my porch isn't enlcosed and I don't have storage for the furniture during inclement weather (but I COULD store cushions if I needed to). I feel like I've looked and looked and can't find anything good.

well julie, i have come to your rescue.

here are my finds:
eames era patio furniture- $225 (light blue chair sold) superawesome. offer 175.

white resin rocking chair- $40. offer 25. it's cute. could mix it in with anything.
resin wicker loveseat- $125 paint it white and pair it with the chair above or paint them both deep inky blue and add a pale pink and white striped sunbrella fabric to the cushions.

bench/daybed- $395 this kicks ass. add an outdoor protective varnish like marine varnish and offer half what they're asking. 250 tops. it's way cool.

glass top table- $50 this is super unique. use it as a buffet for an outdoor party. its 50 bucks!!! but it's probs heavy as elephant balls. bring men and a truck.

vintage patio furniture- $180 am i crazy to like this stuff? i do. talk about mid century. you could paint it anything.

table and chairs- $125 the table has great legs. a coat of paint on those chairs and maybe some cushions in a girly fabric would take it up a notch.

custom picnic table- $225 this guy will build you what you want or you can pick one of his many options and he can put an outdoor stain on it. one of a kind shit is cool. he will also deliver for the price of gas.

large outdoor metal table
- $125 love it. offer 100. pair it with some of the chairs below.

pottery barn outdoor chairs- $150 (they are selling a table too but it's ugly) the chairs are not though. offer 100. pay 120.

2 wrought iron and leather stools- $25 for both!! get them. these are awesome. great for extra seating. clean up that black leather and paint the bottom white!!! gorgeous. take these indoors for all the time and outside when you are having a party.

6 ft. long rustic bench- $75 could be a coffee table too!! you could cover it with a cute tablecloth or paint it, i would paint it a creamy, milky white.

solid wrought iron table- $40 extra table/seating. offer 20.

bringing it and ching changing it.


My Interior Life said...

I LOVE the large metal table and PB chairs. They get my vote! The retro/vintage set is cool too. Reminds me of my grandparents. I'm getting nostalgic just looking at it.

Your CL skills are unmatched! I need to check out the Atlanta CL before I head that way in a few weeks just to see if I can snag a deal while I'm there. You've inspired me . . .

charmaine said...

I love the metal table and PB chairs as well. Get them! Get them!

LindsB said...

You should start charging for this shit- you are crazy good at finding the treasures out of all the crap

A Perfect Gray said...

you do it yet again... those stools rock...

sarah, flourish design + style said...

You're like a god aren't you? :)
Seriously good. You must start charging for all your time.. I've been through craigslist/ kijiji, it's takes a lot of time to find just one thing worth looking at! You rock- xo

Caroline said...

Oooh...I love it all.

Keep it coming! ; )

Beach Vintage said...

That vintage Patio furniture, I would do anything for, OMG divine with a capital "D"

Andrea said...

Hi! Been seeing your blog everywhere and I finally made it over. Loove your spirit! You rock!
Im following you now.

ashlina said...

the first picture. of the patio seats. die! great finds.

Design Darling said...

i love the $125 metal table. great find! happy st. patrick's day, lady!

susan said so said...

the iron stools are seriously fabulous. as are you.

happy st pat's!


MyLittleHappyPlace said...

Flippin' A - I'm away from the 'sphere for ONE day, and you find just the sort of table I'm searching for. Mind reader, you are, Yoda! That vintage metal number is just what I've been brainstorming about for the room redo.
I'll have to inquire if he'll ship.
To be continued...

Dumbwit Tellher said...

Your good, or is that god?

Karena said...

Great finds, love the long rustic benches!!

Art by Karena

hello gorgeous said...

Nicely done. I'm looking at your LinkWithin for Craig ATL and there's a light just like I've been looking for. You must've secretly planted it in my brain.

nkp said...

You done good once again, girly. So many tasty bits here. I wonder how far Raleigh is from the ATL? Might be worth a trip!