Saturday, March 27, 2010

the time has come!!!

the magic is moving.....

thank you blogger. thank you readers, friends and family...
i will no longer be posting on this blog.
i am working on the re-directing thing...until then please click the link above to see the new site!!
and of course follow, subscribe, click and paste into your blog browser all that cool stuff.
i love you creepy like.

wait!!! before you go- change your RSS feed to the new URL.


ashlina said...

omg. we are sistahs...i changed my URL too


Tiina said...

wohooo!!! I go now

Slumber Designs said...

hurry up girl and get done! we're all so anxious!! love ya girl.

Beach Vintage said...

Hi Jenny, missed you babe, am heading over there now.

prashant said...

I am new reader of your blog. thanks
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