Friday, March 26, 2010

weekend table projects and how to be awesome 101

obviously when you are taking a picture to show how the wonderbar has transformed your skin from pretty amazing to really really fucking awesome you don't want to take it in a cave at night. and you certainly don't want to do it right after you smoked a powerbong.
also, i didn't realize my forehead was so high i could have played queen elizabeth instead of cate blanchett. i mean they wouldn't have needed a prosthetic forehead bc i am in possession of an awesome, camera-ready elizabethan fivehead.

this is a cheap ikea table that is real actual wood and i am going to paint it ballet slipper pink this weekend and it's going to be fiona's nightstand. an adorable yellow ginger jar lamp will sit on top.

also this is my new desk. thank you susie. i am going to paint it black. again. from martha's new line called "silhouette" in high gloss. now if i just lived in canada i would buy that gd mirror i spied on craigslist. that way i could stare at my fivehead while i blogged. total inspiration.

sexy legs.

happy weekendfarts.
i love you.


Lovely Little Nest said...

Ooh I am very tempted to try the wonderbar.

LOVE your idea for the nightstand. Can't wait to see it painted and with the pretty lamp!

Totally agree about the table legs ~ great find!

erica@ moth design+luxe life said...

That desk is fab.
Looking in to the wonder.
The bedside is going to be deliciously's of 5 boys like myself love hearing of pink.
There's nothing worse than a teensy tiny forehead- ponder that one for awhile.
Love you too! xo

1x1000 said...

LOL! You are cRaZy as HELL! LOL!

Raina Cox said...

You kill me.

That's all I got.

Rachel said...

I still have a small part of the Wonderbar left - but it totally didn't do wonders for my skin. Made it hypersensitive (something about SPF - even the Cetaphil with SPF burned), AND I had worse acne than I have ever had. Switched to a brand from Austin that Whole Foods has, which I like, and my skin is back to its normal pretty self. I'll probably switch back to Philosophy Purity (cuz that's the shizz for my skin) when I have the $$ to buy a big ass bottle.
But I'm glad that the Wonderbar worked out for you!! Your skin does look amazing!

Love the table and desk!!! Sounds like you'll have a fun weekend ahead!

Isn't Martha's new line at HD awesome?? I picked up a little folder with all her little color squares in it last weekend. I am pondering painting our living area "Gull".

Have a great weekend!

LindsB said...

skin looks hot and so does the table- but maybe the skin more.

cant wait to see the tables- get those projects done soon please and dont keep us waiting. kthankshaveagoodweekend.

AppleTree said...

You're right, your forehead is regal. Small foreheads make people look slutty. It's true, look at Fergie. Smallest forehead ever.

jennifer said...

ahhh! i've been lovin my wonderbar, too!! great head!
tagged ya for a bitty blog award if ya feel like playin, check my spot :)

Simply Mel said...

I misread and thought you were going to show us the wonderBRA! ha!

Your skin is fabo - i'm convinced now.

A Perfect Gray said...

I was JUST wondering earlier today how your rash was. glad you found the wondercure. Fivehead broke me up.

oh, and that desk totally rocks!

we love you, too.

ticklishfromadistance said...

Wonderbar Nutball. Good combo. I may need that stuff. I have some weird face gunk going on, too.

sarah, flourish design + style said...

When you tire of your unbelievable desk, I am buying it and you are shipping it to Canada. XO you too-

Andrea said...

You are a riot! Weekend farts! Love it!!

hello gorgeous said...

I am sorta casually awaiting an apology on my blog for comparing me to your parents. I'm pretty sure they weren't born in 1960, so...

your equally or competitively high-foreheaded and martini-laden friend,


boops said...

ugh...i've had the w-bar for weeks but too afraid to try it since everything irritates my skin!!! will muster up courage this weekend.

btw, high foreheads considered a sign of high intelligence during the renaissance.

MyLittleHappyPlace said...

Me want-ey that desk-ey! And apparently, since I'm starting off with skin suffering from hormonal pitfalls, I could certainly use this wonderbar.
Where again do I purchase?

cassandra @ coco+kelley said...

ummm... your desk? gorgeous. the skin is lookin' pretty fab too :) happy weekend!

bazaarofserendipity said...

god i love reading your posts :) you crack me up! lay off the power bong before you start painting ;)

susie q said...

Damn... that table looks gorgeous!

Can't wait until the wonderbar does its thing on my face. It's gotta take at least 10 years off. Pleeeze.

ashlina said...

gawd i love much! happy weekend to you shugah!


sketch42 said...

LOVE YOU. REALLY. A LOT. Can you tell me exactly what this wonderbar is? I think I skimmed those posts before, but now I really want to know.

Anita Davis said...

you skin looks amazing --
and i can't wait to see the pink table.
i'm with erica - i don't ever get to do pink.

Alexandra Rae said...

Love the table. Don't you know a small forehead = dumbass. A large cranium holds large brain. It's obvious science. Even Elizabethan docs knew that. Besides I agree, it looks regal.

prashant said...

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