Monday, April 20, 2009

monday color combo

we atlantan's had some crazy stormy weather last night, tornadoes, straight line winds, thunder and lightening, heavy of the mill springtime stuff. it's still a bit weird to me and somewhat reminiscent of my youth in the tornado alley of the midwest to be woken by a tornado drill so loud that you think IT is the tornado. then a man's voice comes over a loudspeaker almost as if it was god himself telling you to "take cover now!!!"
well monday's color combo comes from the stormy side of spring. and it's also sort of a play on color's wood & gray. i have a lot of this in my own home. it is warm and welcoming, soothing and calming. it fits well into any design...rustic, elegant, modern, country and all the rest. so..enjoy and happy monday!

images via house beautiful, living etc, flickr and etsy.


Anonymous said...

Good one, Jenny. I have long loved this color combo - has prob been my favorite for about 10-15 years (it usually changes at some point but this has held for some time.)

BTW - you are the most GORGEOUS blogger on the internet. You're husband is a lucky man.

- Marcel Davidson

Sarah Klassen said...

I'm right with anonymous, looooooove this color combo :) I like my brights mixed in sometimes, but even without, the look is beautiful and timeless.

I adore the foot cushion in photo 01 too - if you happen to know/find out where it is from, let me know :) I've had to look through this great post 3 times over, so as not to miss anything - I'm in love~

jenny said...

what a sweet thing to say marcel! love you a lot. thanks for stopping by to comment.

sarah-i don't know where the poof is from. i found the image on a search on house beautiful's gallery. although, now i am questioning that. i will try to retrace my steps for you in a bit!
thanks for the lovely comments.

MyLittleHappyPlace said...

Very soothing...I feel very zen, now. Ommmmm! ;)

Sarah said...

Jenny - I love checking in on Mondays (and other days too) for your inspired color combos! I was so inspired I did a little shout out on my blog. Thanks for always posting the most fabulous in blog-land.


Gluten Free Anna said...

This is so beautiful. I love it. Keep 'em coming!!