Wednesday, April 1, 2009

officially obsessed

if you know me then you know that it's not hard for me to get obsessed with a book/movie series. even better when the books become movies. harry potter? check. lord of the rings? check. my inner nerd comes out with a vengeance. i can quote all 3 lord of the rings movies beginning to end. and while i LOVE the harry potter movies the books are where its at for me.
so i was up reading for 3 hours last night!! what? twilight of course. i am hooked. this book is so good, GOOD i tell you!!! the buildup of sexy tension is palpable, high school or not. i couldn't put it down, i had to force myself. then as i lay in bed i just imagined all the mysterious, foggy, rainy forest surrounding these characters and how and when they would kiss?!!
so i had to flick through flickr to find some washington area rainforest images...oh and an image of edward and bella...behold..vampire hotness...

so have any of you jumped on the nerdlight bandwagon?


Gluten Free Anna said...

Haven told me I absolutely have to read these books. Then you told me I absolutely have to read these books. They've been in my amazon cart for months, but I haven't purchased them yet. Time to seal the deal!

My Favorite and My Best said...

yes anna, your inner nerd will appreciate it. and i can totes see haven being a vampire lover too.

Sarah B. said...

Well, it'll come as no surprise to you that I totes have these on my list to read! In fact, I think Anna and I were just talking about them the other day. I will become obsessed as soon as I have time, I'm sure! xoxo

MyLittleHappyPlace said...

Hi there! Just found you via Corine at Hidden in France. You are killer - hilarious, divine, and I LOVE all the celeb-slapping!
You better have all the Twilight saga books ready to go - you won't be able to stand not having the next one when you finish book 1.

jen said...

I am a 39 year old married womand and mother and I have read all the books twice and seen the movie 5 times.


nkp said...

I've succumb. I'm too old for this shit. Good thing I have a 10 year old that's into the books and has read them all. I just point my finger and say, they are his. Oy is right, Jen.