Wednesday, April 1, 2009

the perfect bedroom and a room with a view

you may remember last week a post i did about my style in a was started by alek at this cool blog from the right bank to the left coast. choice was this room. well i found the bedroom version of my style in a picture. below. look. the simple bed, huge bench, bleached floors, white walls...mmmm...i love it. i also love the play with scale. doesn't it look so serene and peaceful?this next picture is all about that view. i mean you just know that that apartment is a kajillion dollars because of that view and also that the apartment itself is probably teeny tiny. i want to have coffee there tomorrow and a chocolate croissant. image from the paris apartment


Sabina said...

Love those photos - especially the second one!! Coffee and a chocolate croissant would be too perfect!!


Anonymous said...

the long narrow hall in that second image is so lovely! and those wood floors...swoon!

la la Lovely said...

Oh gosh.. I saw this apartment yesterday and was like ahhhhhh... I need to be there. Coffee and a chocolat croissant sound perfect.
Ok, so the Barcelona Bar is my ABSOLUTE FAV candy bar in the world. That is what got me started on the chocolate salt combo!
xx Trina

Sarah Klassen said...

I agree, that hallway is really pretty! Very bright and is the entire space :)