Friday, June 12, 2009

coffee table queries

what's your coffee table doin'? if it's doin' what mine's doin' it holding a lot of books and a few pretty little things like some west elm marble tear drop candles and a black and gold bowl from target that i love and only cost me about 2 dollars b/c it was on clearance. i am always drawn to coffee tablescapes. i think it may have something to do with the way i am also drawn to open shelving and seeing stacks of pretty dishes piled on top of each's a rainman sensibility. it might be the need to have things organized and neat. i mean if i walked in to your house and your coffee table was in disarray or just out of whack design wise my inner rainman would more than likely organize it for you without really knowing i was doing it. so. what IS your coffee table doin'?
is it like these and mine, lots of books and pretty things?
orbs are nice maybe you like your books elsewhere to free up your table for little thingsmaybe you like NO tableare you a side tabler? i'm ok with it. plus this was probably in front of the sofa but the stylist said eff that, i like it on the side better.perhaps you like the idea of 2? 2 poufs?2 tables?or a pouf AND a table?small with a few things?
a few choices?

big with a few well placed things?


lots of candles? are you having your coven's weekly potluck around it?

well? what's YOUR coffee table doin'? i'd love to know. post some pics if ya wanna.


eco-stylista said...

What an awesome collection! I do not know what mine is doing cause I do not have it yet... but I love the poufs!!!

Simply Mel said...

The 'two table' photo is exactly our one table beside the sofa. At this very moment, it is home to 4 leather journals, an empty champagne glass, and 2 candles! I'm still in search of the low-to-ground variety that I can stack lovely picture books all over...

Great post with many delightful choices...why do you give us so many, now I'm really confused! :)

Tiina of LiviaConcept said...

cool pics! this is what my table is doing (what the do not show is that i always have my laptop on the table...):

it's a bit higher table this time, i figured out that it's perfect height since i always sit on my sofa and blog. i really would love to have those poufs though, both in white and pink. i need to start looking for where to buy one or two.