Sunday, July 5, 2009

full circle

when i was a kid the 4th was my favorite holiday. i think because we tended to get together with friends more than family so there was less stress than say, christmas, the bestest of all holidays. mom and dad were more chill, due to kids hopped up on gum and tootsie rolls and they on booze. they were amongst their friends and we were amongst ours. plus, we got to stay up late and see fireworks. last night was very reminiscent of that for me only i was on the other side.
that's fiona aged 4 eating a popsicle (the kind i grew up on) and gearing up for her first ever fireworks show.
it was a great evening...we were amongst our dearest friends and the kids were hopped up on gum and tootsie rolls and we on booze.



her brother jack (swoon)


a conversation (charlie and audrey)

the youngest..evan
and his 'big' brother, ajay (pronounced uh-jay please) we call him 'hugs-jay". he looks like a teddy bear, no?

stellaher twin aaron

choosing candy

matthew and hugs

fiona driving for the first time. daddy had to steer and i of course had to supervise. many thanks to tanya and chris (charlie's mom and dad) for opening their lovely home and to seema (hugs's and evan's mom) for taking these gorgeous photos.


The Townhouselady said...

I want one.

Such lovely pics. Portrait quality. Gorgeous children to be found round your way.

P.S...Looks like Charlie's got game!

MyLittleHappyPlace said...

The cutest bunch o' kiddos east o' the Mason Dixon!

Simply Mel said...

Looks like the perfect celebration!

(are all these kids models - beautiful!)

Beach Vintage said...

Fabulous photo's. Hope you had a great holiday weekend. xx

Haven and Home said...

Looks like it was a great weekend!