Wednesday, August 26, 2009

oh are fabulous

after yesterday's example of atrocious design i thought it absolutely necessary that i cleanse my decor palate, and scrub my eyeballs clean with the deliciously expensive and majorly beautiful home of interior designer windsor smith.

her entry is pretty spectacular, no?

as is her eat in kitchen. that stove is killing me. the midnight blue wall is awesome and the stove's knobs match it. oh..windsor!!!!!! the marble hex floor tiles just about send this kitchen over the edge of toomuchmoneyforyourowngood cliff.

tell me, if money were no object would you not have this kitchen?!?

such a pleasing mix of tradition and eclectic eccentric charm.

that pink reminds me of circus peanuts. that is a good thing. it's called pink begonia by b. moore.
her son's room. are you looking hgtv designtards?

this little area is in the master bath.
bedroom love. it looks like it smells really really good.
black walls and glossy black trim for the game room. yes.
later windz! your house is DUMB!!!!!

images via house beautiful.


MyLittleHappyPlace said...

Yeah well, with a house like that, her life must otherwise suck! ;)

Sarah Klassen said...

Her entryway is so beautiful, I had to take a second look. What a lovely welcome that would be :)

Wanderings of a Wannabe said...

hahaaa your still killing me w/ the designtards.

the foyer is my fave. that round sette thing is fabulous!

Simply Mel said...

Last night, Sean and I were drooling over the foyer as we turned the pages of HB with great envy!

Anonymous said...

Excellent palate cleanser! I feel much better! After your rant yesterday, I actually went and watched Design Stars just so I could fully appreciate your post. I couldn't bear to watch the episode with so much FUG, so I watched the one before it with the Army families. And seriously, shouldn't the judges be giving them more crap? Anyway, I love, love, love this house. I drool over that game room. Shiny black seems to be my new obsession... P.S. thanks for your note about my photographs. The gorgeous girl in the shots is sadly not me, but my model-perfect friend. I'll pass along the complement tho :-)

fric and frac said...

Love this house! The kitchen is crazy good! I think I really want a ping pong table too!

Anonymous said...

beautiful, perfect...aaahhhh.
Now, who made the dress she is wearing??

brynalexandra said...

I love your blog!! I'm a newbie and it's just great. Just added you to my blog list... :)

Beach Vintage said...

I love this pink room. And the white wing back in the kitchen except I would spill pasta sauce on it for sure!

Jenny Brewer said...

wow! gorgeousness!

Love your blog, its the perfect mix of amazing design and humor! I am moving in a few months and can't wait to use some of idea I've seen on here! xoxo

Anonymous said...

love ur blog about design star....
circus peanuts are light orange, omg, does this mean ur never-be-4-detected color blindness controls ur eclectic style. would this be funny or what-roflmao