Wednesday, October 14, 2009

i'm not done yet

showing you more plaid handsomeness. it can create a masucline/feminine balance, it can soften a modern space and warm up a cold one..

kinda says, "fall is here so let's get cozy, light some candles, eat some popcorn and watch movies", doesn't it?

it looks good on too:
a bracelet:
a ring:

not all plaids are created equally, these blankets are from the scottish weaver:

ws home's cashmere 50billiondollar version: (thanks lilah from urbansardines!)
welsh plaid (personal fave):

lightweight wool specials:
canadian tartan:
irish plaids: (these are lovely, soft and heathered)
modern tartan: (these are a bit too collegiate for me)
so many choices, so many colors!! i think one blanket on a sofa, chair or the end of a bed is the way to go here. simple, comfy and soft..welcoming after a long, cold day.
just whatever you do- for fuck's sake don't go here:

or here:


High-Heeled Foot in the door said...

I love this post! Plaid is one of my favorite things come fall! Last year I stocked up on a bunch of plaid tops with ruffles of course and I was in heaven!

TheFamousHome said...

If you grew up around plaid wearing hill billies, and kilt wearing bagpipers at EVER event you would feel very differently about the pattern :P

susieq said...

Oh! You've done plaid so, so well. I've already downloaded the beautiful bedroom images for my inspiration files. { When your post came into my RSS feed, I saw the bottom photo first. I was scared. }

The Townhouselady said...

Love plaid, thanks for sharing so many wonderful examples of it.

ms. less is always more said...

if you have english/irish/scottish lineage you can look up your "clan's" tartan. Each clan had it's own plaid pattern and you would wear it to signify your family or your lineage! I'm sure you could google something about it, but it would be a fun conversation piece to know your families own pattern and display it in your home!

pillow mint said...

love all your great examples of plaid done right! (and hate the two pics on the bottom just as much!)

Anonymous said...

I love the soft brown plaids in the first and third pictures! I think I used to have a plaid skirt in just that same soft camel shade! Definitely makes me think of fall!!!

Rachel said...

Damn, and I just bought my buffalo-plaid-with-moose-on-it blanket!! ;-)

Seriously, though - THANK YOU for sharing these sources! I'm going to be off to check them out ASAP!

Sarah Klassen said...

I love plaid!! Seriously love. Last year, I purchased a cozy light+dark gray blanket. Love it. It's that perfect informal touch to my bedroom that makes it look homey.

Great examples -- seriously, with blue, it looks fabulous. (first image) And with Louis? Irresistible!
I adore this post, darling! {xo}

Jackie said...

That first room is killing me. In a very good way. Love it.

Lauren said...


i've never really been into plaid until i saw jennifer's guest bedroom... and now after this post i might just need some!!

Anonymous said...

I want to wrap myself in everyone of those blankets! So yummy for winter!

Amanda said...

Im loving your sense of humor but seriousness!! Im also a fan of your personal fav. Plaid is so fall! So cozy.

Amanda said...

Im loving your sense of humor but seriousness!! Im also a fan of your personal fav. Plaid is so fall! So cozy.