Wednesday, January 20, 2010

fresh and pretty pillows and thoughts on the new shabby chic where i say love a lot

i was searching yesterday on etsy for some pretty pillows and i found the motherload! if i see one more imperial trellis, chevron, zig zag or chiang mai dragon fabric covered pillow i am going to punch myself in the eyes. the good thing about pillows is you can change the covers pretty inexpensively and therefore as frequently as your design schizophrenia allows. right? my fellow strickened readers? ever since i saw amy neunsinger's home in house beautiful i am sure that the resurgence of the new and improved shabby chic (less shabby more chic) is going to take over for spring. i love the idea of softening a really modern, industrial space with muted florals and lots of white!! take a peek at amy neunsinger's house here.

these pillows from enhabiten on etsy fit the bill perfectly. i think they are fresh and modern, soft and pretty.
i love love love this one:

and who doesn't love the graphic punch of a cross?? it knocks you down, jesus style.

i love the idea of a bunch of white and tea stained pillows with different textures and patterns on a white slipcovered sofa with modern lines.

i also love love love these vintage barkcloth pillows. reminds me of the bed in amy neunsinger's home. again.. this cottage-y look in a cottage-y home isn't the look i am going for here. that's the old shabby chic which i feel is..tired. plus you risk that oh so fug granny look. this is the new shabby chic, where soft and feminine pretty meets masculine industrial goodness.

liane the talent behind enhabiten uses hemp and other organic materials and often vintage fabric. all items are handmade and she donates 5 dollars per item to the red cross for haiti.
go there and shop b.c you need to change out that chevron pillow.

***please note that as someone who is constantly immersed in interior design/decor i tire very quickly of things. that is not to say that any of the aforementioned fabrics are over and out. if u love them that's all that matters.


Sharon said...

I'm not tired of imperial trellis or chevron patterns yet. The reason is that it takes 12 years for a trend to reach Indianapolis from the east or west coasts and then 12 more years for the trend to die out (OK, maybe exaggeration) so I haven't become over saturated yet. Then again, I don't own any imperial trellis or chevron. Anyway, I'm from NC and like to knock on the Midwest design void (excluding Chicago of course) whenever I get a chance.

Onto another topic. My mom asked me a few days ago if I'd seen the HGTV Dream House and what I thought of it. I burst out laughing and had to tell her about your grandpa's saggy balls description of the shower/bedroom combo then sent her over to your blog to start reading immediately.

Party on.

Bailey @ peppermintbliss said...

Kismet pillow=my favorite. I am just now coming to terms with the fact that my decorating budget is not going to allow for super fancy pillows (among other designer-y items I fantasize about). And you know what? I think that is kind of rad! I can buy, or even make if I get a real wild hair, some fun pillows and then swap em out when I am over them guilt free! Freeeebird

Taylor said...

amen to this post. i was juuust starting to feel like there has to be something more to life than chevron patterns.

brynalexandra said...

Wow can I just say how much I love this post??? I am putting very similar floral pillows in my project I'm shooting on Friday and have been a little nervous about it. I'm glad someone else out there is loving them as much as I am! Can't wait for you to see!

AppleTree said...

God that house is beautiful and makes me want to paint mine all white.

boops said...

ditto on Bailey's comment...which is why i love stopping by here on a daily basis! you can find beauty in even the humblest things.

the white/tea stained pillows remind me of the delicate embroidery and crochet work my mother used to do before arthritis and poor eyesight set in.

Jessica said...

OMG you're so freaking funny. I too, love that cross pillow you found, but I'm more enamored with "it knocks you down, jesus style" - so that is how I can justify buying it.