Thursday, January 28, 2010

some pretty to balance out all that mole rat ugliness

for your eyes and senses:

a little box of a kitchen lightens up with shiny white tiles and good use of space:


i can smell the ocean nearby:

a strong case for soft aqua walls and raw wood:

glorious texture:

enjoy your day...will report back after my audition.


nkp said...

Love the Martha room with the white painted brick fireplace and the bookshelf surround. I want to be there. Now.

Best of luck today. Can't wait for a complete run down of your successful audition. Oh yes, mama knows it will be successful! ;0)

boops said...

break a leg.
hope you found a work-around.

Sharon said...

Where do you find most of your images you use for your blog? You do such a good job!

I hope your skin is better today. As a victim of crazy breakouts at various times in my life I feel your pain so to speak. I had a breakout like yours over Christmas. Mine HAD to be stress related though.

Can't wait to hear about the audition! Will you still remember us when you are a famous star?!?!

jennifer said...

I could lose myself forever in any of those rooms!
And i think you're rash would look good in them, too!
happy acting today :)

bluehydrangea said...

great pics..can't wait to hear about the audition!!

lucitebox said...

I'm crazy about that little cottage with the fireplace that you selected. I remember lusting after that house in the magazine. Oh, that colorful kitchen she has! WANT IT. And, it's by the water, too. Seriously, I've studied that place and have fantasied about living there since the first time I saw it. If I had to pick a dream house, that is it.

Linz said...

now if i can only convince my landlord that all this loveliness would make any future potential tenants jump at the chance of renting his place...