Friday, February 27, 2009

on your marks, get set...SPRING!!

walking outside to put a check in the mail this morning i was struck by how refreshingly spring-like it was! it put a little kick in my step as i hopped back up the stoop to my door. and then looking around my stoop and door and grass (or lack thereof) etc... i noticed just how horrible it all was!! moldy porch roof, dusty porch floor, smell of cat shit next to the hose (that's where our cat maggie relieves herself-we figure its better than the jute rug in our living room as she obviously finds a litter box repulsive), not a potted plant in sight!! all this was decidedly UN-springlike and took the kick out of my step to be sure. well it didn't take long to find a few beautiful images to inspire a project or two. and a book to boot!! check it...

here are a few spring projects i have in store in the next few and re-organizing my pantry a la see through jars and containers.. i want it practical AND pretty! cleaning and re-organizing my laundry area a la see through jars and bottles...again practical AND pretty! cleaning the windows in my house- inside and out (which will also include scraping away rotted wood im sure-my house is almost 100 years old and so are the windows), scrubbing the porch ceiling and floor and as a reward planting loads and loads of flowers and herbs!! i can't wait. makes my heart flutter with excitement!

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annechovie said...

Wow, you sound ambitious! lovely photos and wish you all the best with your projects.